A Survival Guide For Children Celebrating Birthdays Within The Same Few Months

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Having a big family is wonderful. It not only gives you more cherished people to spend your life with, but allows your family unit to be stronger, to be more helpful, to grow together and help one another through this beautiful and strange journey of life. That being said, while there are of course timelines in pregnancy and delivery, often, babies don’t ask for permission when being born.


It might also be that you had more than one child without expecting to. Perhaps you’ve just always become pregnant at similar times of the year. Long story short, you’ve somehow lucked out and now have multiple birthdays within the same time of year. If you’re even luckier, you might have major celebratory milestones such as Christmas or Thanksgiving to think about as well. You may think of this iconic meme every time this year comes around. 


This might sound amusing, but your purse might be screaming in anguish. How do you survive? Never fear, we’ve got some helpful advice for you to get started.


Combine Parties When Needed


If multiple birthdays or celebrations are all expected within a short time, you might consider combining them into one bigger event. A joint party saves time, effort and money instead of hosting many of them at once, the kids will love it, and you’ll feel just a little less frantic. Just make sure to give time celebrating each person individually, with their own treats, gifts and special moment. You could even celebrate over a full weekend to make sure everyone’s included.


Have A Stock Of Good Party Supplies


Keeping that stash of solid reusable party supplies can go a long way, and might include nice plastic table covers, plates, utensils and decorations that can be reused for multiple birthdays. Ensuring these basics are on hand allows you to provide the basics of the planing, and from there you can purchase themed event items when you need them. It will also save you a little more money if you buy in bulk.


Save Up Loyalty Points & Discounts


One benefit of having everything happening at once is that you can save the whole year to prepare for it. If you sign up for rewards programs at supermarkets, restaurants and entertainment venues you often visit, you might pay off most of the event, such as all the party food on the birthday table. If you accumulate points and coupons throughout the year, you help limit those costs when everything happens at once.


Finally, Enlist The Family To Help


You don’t have to try to single-handedly organize and perfect multiple big parties alone. Delegate authority among family members like shopping, decorating, food prep to those you can trust, and of course the clean up is better if everyone pitches in. Just ask them in advance and invite them to th event, it will feel like more of a team effort.


With this advice, you’re certain to celebrate that birthday with your children, even if you have many of them enjoying birthdays at once.