Use Aluminum Foil as Dryer Sheet

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Aluminum Foil as Dryer Sheet!

This is one of my best Budget Savvy tip – you do not need to spend one more cent on dryer sheets. All you have to do is take aluminum foil, ball it up, and place it in the dryer with wet clothes.

It will remove static + it does NOT need to be changed each time.

Make sure it is about the size above and ball it up tightly .

You can use the same ball for 6 months!!!!


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  • Rose

    How safe is that though? Wouldn’t that metal get really hot and potentially burn clothes/start fires? If it’s safe, then that’s awesome, but I would be leery of putting metal in my dryer. 🙁

    • Desiree

      The dryer itself is made of metal, as are all the buttons and zippers on your clothes. You might want to let it cool down a tad before handling it, but I doubt it will start a fire.

      • Kristin - The Goat

        Aluminum foil is used in the oven without catching on fire and cools down quickly. It probably wouldn’t even get hot in the dryer since it’s not directly on top of the heating element.

    • sarah

      Start a fire with a teeny bit of aluminum foli? Haha. I am pretty klutzy but even I do not think I could manage that feat ;0)

      • jan

        Lots of great hints and tips here folks,but also a few unkind and sarcastic comments.I don’t really see the need the sensible one was not the first there are a few higher up.come on guys be nice!

        • Dawn Johns

          I agree you were just asking a question. I wanted to know the same thing, so I’m with you 🙂 better safe to ask a question than be sorry 🙂

          • david

            Aluminum has one of the highest melting temperatures that’s why it doesn’t get hot in the oven for the foil to melt clothes or start fires you dryer would have to run at about 660 degrees effectively incinerating all your clothes

          • Rosie

            Not to worry, Dawn! I had the same question LOL

            The only dumb question is the one that isn’t asked 🙂

        • Betsydenise

          Jan, People forget what it was like to be that kid on the playground, being picked at. It was a legitimate question— like me, you bounced on the question before you “processed”. Don’t worry– be happy

          • Fiat Lux

            Try unringing a bell. Some “just kidding” is only entertaining for the person who enjoys making someone else look foolish, and that’s not “nothing” unless you have a hole in your chest where you should have a heart.

        • Joana

          I agree heartily. Why take the time to write something snide? Sometimes I say something without thinking it through? BIG. DEAL. No need to “LOL” or be snide. Why are you *taking your own time to sit and write something mean? Your mean words say more about YOU than about the person who originally posted the worry about metal. Sheesh. Is it the anonymity of the internet that makes this a temptation for people to “let it all hang out,” including the most detestable aspects of one’s being?

    • martha

      Aluminum foil doesn’t really retain heat. That’s why its used for cooking. It gets a little warm but pretty much cools off instantly.

    • Lisa

      I was thinking the same thing. And to all the comments below: although tin foil can withstand tempatures in the oven(which we all know) it WILL catch on fire in the microwave. So using it a appliance in which it was not made for I can see where someone would hesitate. I’m sure it’s safe, but better to think it over first. Plus how would it soften my clothes and remove static especially if my dryer is metal and it doesn’t seem to do so?

        • Lori

          I just stumbled across this idea on pinterest and happen to have a load of wet clothes ready to go in the dryer as we speak. I will try it and let you know how it worked!

          • Lori

            Tried it and it actually worked pretty well. A little static in some fleece pj pants, but minor. Clothes feel soft, even a denim skirt. I think it is a good alternative, especially for drying garments like exercise clothes that tell you not to use softeners.

    • David

      Think about it. If it would get the foil hot enough to start a fire, the drier would be hot enough to start the fire without the foil. Also try throwing about three clean tennis balls into the drier. Does the same job. Wo0rks great with comforters, fluffs them up.

    • Lauri

      When I want to soften clothes in the dryer, I take one of the items being dried (usually a washcloth) and dab a bit af softener on it and let it go. 🙂

  • Shawna

    It doesn’t end up tearing clothing? I bought dryer balls and NEVER again. They smelled of nasty plastic chemical that I threw them away. They fluffed things up though! Does this fluff?

      • Janice

        the tennis ball sounds like a great idea for me since I am mostly deaf. when the banging stopped I would know it is finished.Cannot afford batteries((hearing aid) because their life span is so short .

  • machelle

    how do you know when it needs to be changed? do you just automatically change it every 6 months or is there some signs of wear to watch for?

    • Sensible

      Good Lord machelle, it’s a piece of aluminum foil for goodness sake – you could change it every day and not cost you much. Jeez. The things people ask.

      • Ginnie

        Sensible, that’s about the rudest response I’ve seen on a blog like this. Its possible she was asking how long it would be until it is no longer effective. Try getting some sleep and not being unkind to people. Oh, and remove your post (or perhaps the moderator could remove both of ours so others don;t have to read)

      • MiraBorn

        Sensible – You obviously misread machelle’s question. No mention of cost was made. Your rude reaction puts everyone off. Even if her question was about cost – how inappropriate of you to criticize her in any way. There are no stupid questions – apparently only stupid responses.

      • Chrissysno

        Jeez, you sound so angry. No need to be rude. If you don’t want to be treated the way you just treated machelle, don’t ever dare ask a question. I hope you don’t treat children with the same sense of disdain. For someone with the name “Sensible”, you don’t have much sense, when it comes to other people’s feelings.

      • Shell

        Wow Sensible?(not so sure) Some people, like those with a large family would put a lot more wear on the tin foil then say a couple or a single person. I’m pretty sure that’s were Machelle was going with her question, nothing to do with the cost! Jeez. The comments some say…..:)

      • Lil Sher

        I THINK…That was a VERY LEGITIMATE QUESTION….nothin “DUH” about it!! Some ppl are just soooo quick to CRITICIZE, rather than just answering the question…..sad…

      • ajjk1101

        Changing it every day are often would be a waste. If that were the case I would just buy dryer sheets it would cost just as much. I think part of the point is to be environmentally friendly even the smallest things add up! I don’t know about you sensible but I prefer not to throw money down the toilet lol.

  • Sarah W

    Aluminum foil doesnt get hot its why you can put it in the oven and touch it right out of the oven and it doesnt burn you the only time it is hot is when its touching a cookie sheet and that is hot but otherwise its always cool to the touch

  • sarah

    one problem, when I put a dryer sheet in the dryer, I put it in to make my clothes smell even better than what the washer did and to make them softer, I bet this method can’t do that

    • Darlene

      Sarah, for fabric softening I add about 1/4 cup white vinegar in washing machine at the start of the wash. Be careful not to use too much because your clothes can smell like vinegar if you do. Gives clothes a “vintage soft” feel. I LOVE the foil ball, and I hate doing laundry…and I love Pinterest!

  • 99natives

    Find your favourite liquid fabric softner, soak an old hand towel in it, and it’s good for about forty loads.

    • Jane

      I do this and I agree, it works! Not only do your clothes come out soft, fluffy and fragrant, but the laundry room itself smells heavenly.

    • ajjk1101

      Well trying to add fabric softener to the fastener cup I missed once and ended up leaving permanent spots/themes on a few garments even after we washing them. I love the idea of saturating a hand towel in fabric softener and reusing it. I am however worried that it would spot or stain clothes. Has anyone tried this or had any problems with it? I’d love to try it but just a little worried. I’m assuming once its saturated it needs to dry before using it ?

  • Christine

    What about putting the aluminum ball in a lingerie bag? That way it wouldn’t snag any fragile fabrics. Wonder if it would still work. I’m definitely going to try this.

      • Jenny

        If her life is anything like mine, it’s because everything is treated wash dry and go. Working 70+hours a week and having 2 young school age children leaves little time for special care aside from “how do I get this stain out?”

      • BrixBex

        @kim. Some silks are heat dry only. I have many skirts that are like this which I love because I can wash them instead of dry cleaning; they will only come out soft and flowing if machine dried. It seems like there are a lot of ignorant, rude responses to perfectly valid questions on here. I’m definitely going to test the ball in a lingerie bag. This is a great idea as I’m also concerned about my satins being snagged.

      • Chrissysno

        Because some dryers have a gentle cycle, just like washers do. I like not having to spread all my delicate fabrics out to dry. Think before you speak. Don’t assume you know everything.

  • jobita

    So this ball of aluminum foil is basically for static cling or does it actually make clothes softer like fabric softener?

      • Betsydenise

        Jobita, For the fabric softener part , instead of using softener each time , soak down a hand towel with liquid softener, allow it to air dry. Toss into the dryer ( or leave along with the foil in a garnment bag)good for 15 or so loads. Makes a bottle of softener go a long way!

  • Irma

    I have been using the aluminum ball for months now and it was fun watching it turn into a perfect smooth ball after a couple of uses, it didn’t snag anything when it was new and then it just kept getting rounder and rounder till it was smaller and tight. No static cling at all!; as far as softening I did soak a small towel then let it dry and use that for the smell and the softness.

    • Michelle

      What I used instead of a wash cloth, was an old towel that I tore into strips, about 2 x 4 inches. I usually kept at least 3 or 4 of them soaking in a container of liquid softener (with a lid), and when I got ready for one, I just squeezed the excess back into the container, and threw the strip into the dryer with the wet clothes. Just don’t leave the container too close to the dryer because the heat will change the scent of the softener, after a while.

  • madeleine

    If you soak a hand towel in your fabric softener, then let it try thoroughly (air dry), then put it in the dryer with your clothes, it will soften many many loads.

  • gjudy

    When you soak a wash cloth or small towel in fabric softener you have to leave it outside to thoroughly dry before putting it in the dryer. I haven’t had spots on clothes this way.

    • Jody

      I have heard of that before. Soak a washcloth in fabric softener, let it dry, and you can use it over and over instead of a fabric sheet in the dryer!

  • Rosie

    to make Febreeze: one capful of fabric softener, 1/4 cup baking soda , fill rest of spray bottle w/hot water and shake well befor each use.

      • Amber

        Baking soda will help eliminate odors. If you just want the nice scent, but are not trying to get rid of an unpleasant odor, you could eliminate the baking soda.

  • dawn

    I am so excited to try the aluminum ball in my dryer! I have been trying to move away from chemicals, so I have been using vinegar in my rinse cycle and had been under-drying my clothes, especially running gear, to cut down on static!

  • Lisa

    Im curious…what if you took a baby wash cloth, soaked it in fabric softener, balled it up and then put a few layers of tinfoil tightly over it, would you get the best of both worlds?!

  • Megan

    For those of you asking about softness, I put plain white vinegar in my washer’s liquid softener dispenser. It is AMAZING, and once your clothes are dry, there is no vinegar smell. You could also put it in a downey ball if you wanted. I will have to try the aluminum, though, bc it doesn’t get rid of static and it’s getting to be a problem this winter.

    • Litha

      I’ve also read that borax will soften your clothes. I have used it and it does seem to make them softer. You can’t use it with chlorine bleach though. I really don’t like the harsh chemicals in bleach. I read you can substitute, peroxide and lemon juice, and let it soak for about an hour or so in the washer; and it works just as well for whitening. Not sure yet, haven’t tried it.

  • Sol

    Can you possible putt a fragrance in it some how? So that it smells nice like a dryer sheet? Would be great if you could give me some ideas on how to do that! =) Great recommendation by the way!

  • kelleyP

    I quit using fabric softener years ago because I didn’t like the way my towels started to feel – kind of slick and not as absorbent. I also don’t like to add scent because I don’t want it to clash with other scents (just my quirk, I’m sure). But I do sometimes have trouble with static. I found that being careful not to have nylon and wool in the same load helped (difficult with my wool/nylon blend socks). I’ll have to give this a try. Does anyone know why it works? I would love to know the science behind it.

  • Debra


  • brandi

    Instead of soaking a rag in softener I read you could just give an old rag or sock a few sprays of the softener and throw it in. I’d be Leary of soaking a whole rag even if its dry bc that kind of direct contact with the clothes I have found always makes clothes feel kinda oily or greasy. Especially thick fabrics like jeans & towels. Also yes if you want your towels to be more absorbent then do not use softener. I would however definitely dry with tennis balls so they end up flat but fluffy.

  • Janis

    What you are all missing here is the dryer lint screen buildup of softeners that can create a fire in your dryer if you don’t clean your lint screen often enough. This foil ball would eliminate that concern. Must try it.

  • megan

    Don’t you put foil in your oven and im pretty sure your oven gets hotter then your dryer! This is an awesome Idea. I am going to try it !

  • Shirl

    I make my own fabric softener from white rain conditioner, vinegar and water…works really great and is cheap to…you can make two batches of fabric softener for about $1.50 and that is large batches…

      • Rhonda

        Would love to know the measurement to this. How much vinegar and water and do you use the whole bottle of conditioner? Do you put it on a rag and dry or put it in the washer? This sounds like something I would like to try. I would also like to strat making my own washing detergent if anyone has any good cheap ones they would like to share. Thank you. I’m gonna have time on my hands since kids are grown and hubby is heading to afganistan. Need things to fill me time. Again Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.

  • Lori

    I bought handmade wool dryer balls off of Ebay. I haven’t used them yet but I hear they are great. There’s no plastic to release toxins like tennis balls & those blue nubby things, & they absorb water to help clothes dry faster, & they last a long time. I’m going to try the foil too!

  • gina

    Any chemical reactions? I really don’t know what foil consists of. Pleases dont say…well iif it’s safe enough to cook with, it’s okay!

  • Judy

    I just happened to be doing laundry when I read this! Sounded good to me so I tried it, can’t wait to see how it works, thanks for the tip!

  • Kaylin

    I may have to try this. We can’t use detergent with any perfumes or dyes because of our little one and I’ve been skipping dryer sheets completely. Will let you know how this works for us!!

  • Jan

    I love the foil ball idea! My daughter is allergic to everything and breaks out whenever I change soap. Finding something that will soften her clothes and remove static without putting chemicals that will cause her to break out is great! Can’t wait to try this!!!

  • mandy

    Love the aluminum foil idea 🙂 There’s also another product, it’s the felted wool dryer balls. You can find several people on Etsy & Facebook that make these. It’s wool that has been washed in hot water, dried in the dryer & shaped by hand into a ball almost as big as a softball. You can also have oil infused into it & add more yourself as needed. I have even seen some people who design them with awesome designs & characters. Thanks BSD for all the tips 😉

  • Stacy Galvan

    Perfect!!! I am so glad I came across this tip. We just moved and have zero dollars for week and I have no dryer sheets but I do have aluminum foil!

  • jai

    I just started putting 1/2 cup white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment in my washing machine. I love how soft my sheets and towels are now. I have had allergic reations to fabric softner sheets in the past. There is less static then when I used to do laundry without fabric softner. And when the clothes are dry there isn’t any vinegar smell. I am excited to try these alluminun foil balls. (I have used the plastic dryer balls and they are ok, but I wasn’t sure about the plastic in the dryer.)

    Thanks for the tip.

  • Frenchie

    I worry that the aluminum foil will scratch the enamel on the inside of my dryer. Has anyone noticed if it does that?

    • Litha

      I worry about that too, also snagging fabrics like bambo, etc. Because when you wad up foil, there’s always some pointy bits on it. You could put it inside one of those bags for undergarmets, then it couldn’t snag your clothes or scratch your dryer.

  • Amber

    I put vinegar in with my towels, otherwise they seem to have the musty smell that towels get after the kids have used them and left them lay on the bathroom floor. The vinegar also works great if you have left a load in the washer too long..(I start them and forget them all the time!) just re-wash with about a cup of vinegar!

  • Priscilla

    I did do the wet the face towel with fabric softener ,,but now I prefer to use a wet old sock dab some softener and dry with the clothes ,, I felt it was a no no for a good face cloth then use it to wash the body ,,and get the softener on the skin ,,,
    yes girls be nice with comments ,,,

  • Noelle

    The vinegar has no affect on the washing machine (like ones that need he detergent) because it is natural right? I think the women concerned about a fire spark were thinking of the reaction with metal in a microwave, but that is perhaps due to extreme heat, etc of the microwave. A dryer must be different if these other women haven’t had issues. Hopefully.

  • Erica

    I have been using white vinegar in the softener cup of our front loading washer for a long time. This softens the clothes, helps ensure no soap residue remains, and prevents mildew in the machine. That is a big problem with front loading machines. Now I don’t ever have to do the drum cleaning cycle with bleach. Glad to find out about this tin foil ball solution for static, which is still a problem. According to the W/D technician, dryer sheets and softener will significantly reduce the life of your dryer motor because residue builds up inside the machine.

  • Mardi

    Oh I forgot to mention. The plastic dryer balls stink and fall apart. Hint if you have those plastic things and want to find a use for them. The cat loves them.

  • June Williams

    I tried the foil ball using heavy duty in my dryer and it was fantastic. I haven’t used bounce sheets or fabric softener for a while as I was told it put a film on your towels and stopped them from being so absorbent and they were right. Thanks for the great and inexpensive idea.

  • Christine

    I have been using this method for about a month now. I have to say, I don’t miss buying dryer sheets at all. I find my clothes come out actually softer! Love it! Thanks for the tip, I’m passing this on!!!

  • Jessica

    Regarding the aluminum foil as a dryer sheet, what about the scent? I love my clothes to have a nice fresh scent coming out of the dryer using the dryer sheets. Do you rely on your degertent only?

  • Dianne

    I was wondering if you could put your fragrance on the tennis ball then wrap the foil around the tennis ball would this do two jobs smell good and fluff.

  • Vickie

    Dear moderator, please moderate those not showing kindness in their posts. I find it really very sad that people can be so horrible to one another when the person asking the question simply was looking for information…

    I find it discouraging.

    • alma

      hello good mourning to all i agree that if we asking something we should get the awnser with out people making fun of the others web sites are to help not to be mean. by the way am having my machines deliver this week top load and dryer so vinegar and aluminum be ok

  • ma clark

    Other than the rude comments on here, this looks like a cool site.

    I’d also like to try the aluminum ball and the washcloth…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • Robin

    If you want to soften without perfumery stuff…try the felted homemade dryer balls. I am having static problem and use dryer balls, but they are noisy…plan on trying this with felted dryer balls.

  • Karen Oswald

    I almost forgot. The laundry soap recipe if very inexpensive to make. It is MUCH less than regular laundry soap you buy and works just as well.

  • Mark

    Did laundry all day yesterday and got a migraine by the end of the day.
    I have been suspecting dryer sheets might be a trigger. Will have to try the foil in the dryer for static cling. Not sure what to try for scent. Maybe white vinegar in the rinse cycle? Maybe some kind of oil scent on an old rag or sock in dryer?
    Do liquid fabric softeners have nasty chemicals?
    Thanks for all the great ideas!!

    • Brooke Lee

      Hey Mark, I did not hit reply so look for my @ Mark commen about essential oils. No chemicals. 🙂

  • TooFunny

    I can’t stop laughing at Sensible! C’mon you goody two shoes ppl, admit it – some of these questions are completely ignorant. Some of us are more outspoken than others, not rude, just honest. Get over it. If you don’t like it move on, and stop playing Mommy.

    • Karen

      Aren’t you doing the same thing? Why don’t YOU stop playing Mommy by telling people how they should or shouldn’t react? And YES there is a BIG difference between honest and rude, but obviously that’s way over your head. This is a forum where people can ask whatever they want, albeit what YOU perceive as “completely ignorant”. Its funny, the ones that protest the loudest are the ones with the issues. Sensible has every right to ask whatever question she wants. You’d think mature people would answer without having to resort to being snarky and obnoxious. And take your own advice. And I quote: ” Get over it. If you don’t like it move on”.

  • TooFunny

    I see some folks are asking about what to use for scent if not using dryer sheets… They have the softener/scent crystals now that you add with detergent.

  • Edytha

    I’ve been doing this for about 8 months now. Gets most of the cat hair out of my clothes, too (which is a BIGDARNCONCERN for somebody with 4 cats of all colors).

    After a month or two, I use smaller ones than the OP, they start to crack, so I suppose another layer of tinfoil would allow you to prolong usage.

    RE: the snagging question, I was concerned about this, too, as most of my work clothes have a little lace edging. Easily solved, though. Wash and then dry a load of towels using the “raw” balls. They’ll be smooth enough not to snag satin or silk after a cycle or two.

  • Anna Freeman

    No Dryer?!? No worries..medium length strips of foil attached to the clothesline frighten off birds that might poop on your clean wash. And wouldn’t attract lightening. 🙂

  • Bonnie

    I was thinking the same thing. Good for you for asking the question. Very smart of you. Ignore the nasty people and their nasty comments.

  • Penny

    I just discovered this blog and I am delighted with it. I haven’t used dryer sheets for years because we were told when I replaced my last dryer that dryer sheets can hurt them and cause them to fail much sooner. Summer was ok, but had a lot of static in the Winter – so I definitely am going to start using the foil. Also love the other ideas stated here – have saved them and getting to work with them. My husband and I are on fixed incomes and anything that helps with expenses is definitely welcome.

  • mirror

    Just drop it and move on about the post…If you have to keep harping on something negative-then it says a lot about you. If you decide now to comment about a post that was addressed and answered over a year ago then you are the one with real issues.

  • Marie

    This absolutely works! I have even tried the heavy duty foil and prefer it as it lasts even longer. Never had any trouble snags. May be my imagination, but seems like small loads even dry a little quicker.

  • Marie

    I’ve never tried it but wonder if you put a cottonball with an essential oil on it in the center of the foil and make the ball around it and then take a straight pin and poke a few holes in it to allow the scent to escape during drying? Would it work? Like I said – this is just a thought. I’ve never tried it!

  • Barb

    I use 1/4 c white vinegar and hang my cloth out makes the cloth soft and they do not smell like the vinegar and way cheaper

  • Becky

    Be careful about the brand of foil. I used some from the doll** tr** on my campfire and it burned! I only buy the good stuff now. Can’t wait to try this.

    • Jeanne

      No not at all! I wouldn’t think it would as much as the rivets on jeans! I think this is a great idea! I’m always looking for ways to save! Thanks for all the awesome tips! I’m going to apologize to all the ones on here that got rude comments! It’s sad that some people can’t even apologize for saying rude remarks! Thanks to everyone on here who stood up for the ones asking the questions! No question is ever stupid! Just stupid people who don’t have sense to be considerate ! Thanks for this awesome site!

  • Kelcee

    Those who talk to shit and joke about people on the Internet are pathetic! So what if someone ask a question you think is stupid! It might not be stupid to others! I don’t care who you are, we’ve all done it a time or to so don’t get your pleasure by talking crap or making fun of people! Grow up! I thought the question was legit and better safe then sorry

  • LouAnn

    I was wondering if you’ve ever had the foil snag an article of clothing…like something knit? I actually have a load of clothes to dry, and I’m thinking foil sounds like a much cheaper alternative to dryer sheets!

  • Dayna

    Just curious because I love the scent of dryer sheets…could you spray fabreez or maybe a perfume inside the ball or on the ball of tinfoil and when the ball heats up will it put the scent into your clothes?? Or maybe jus get to hot and make things smell bad? Maybe someone has tried this and can help out with advise 🙂

  • dell

    just a quick question what’s a dryer sheet and what;s good for this aluminium foil shaped in a ball???

  • Alicia

    put an old fluffy sock around the tennis ball and put a couple of drops of oil on the sock. Fluffy and nice smelling clothes.

  • Lorie Lee

    I’m going to definitely try this. Been looking for a way to combat static in my dryer since I started making my own liquid softener. Thanks! 🙂

  • Joy Smith

    I came from pinterest and had the very same question about is it safe to put aluminum foil in the dryer. I was having a blank moment I guess lol. I am glad others asked. I am sad to read some readers making fun of those who ask questions of concerns. We see enough bullying with our kiddos. So sad that adults would do the same. No question to me is silly. I was also glad to see so many standing up for those who were made fun of. I have never understood why people must make fun of others for anything at all. A huge thank you to those who are kind enough to care!

  • Lori

    I know it’s been quite a while since this was posted, but I hope you still notice and answer my question. How and why does this aluminum ball work?

  • Lori

    I know it’s been a while since this was posted, but I hope you can still answer my question. How and why does the foil ball work?

  • Ball of foil

    Wow I’m scared of you all. Or y’all. Or should I even use the word. Will someone tease me for it. I’m scared to ask a question. Did I misspell a word. Say the wrong thing. Omg ppl it is a ball of foil. Why make fun of someone for simply asking a question. Will my simply get made fun of.

  • Mary stewart

    Laughing at ppl is why so many folks don’t ask questions. Yes …I thought it was a bit silly….but….a simple answer was all that was needed. Did any of u stop to think this person did not have a loving mother to raise her and teach her……I say shame on u……u as adults BULLIED someone……hmmmmm…..not trying to b a b@$%&h but really ladies…let us teach and encourage one another instead……I mean these words in charity for one one another

  • Sue Baylor

    Why can’t we just all get along with each other? just saying………………………have a good day!:) I will try the foil ball tho!!

  • Terri

    My concern would be for snags. My husband wears a lot of Underarmor shirts and that’s what has the static cling problem. They are also easy to snag. Anyo n e have any problems with that?

  • Julia

    I was excited to try this as I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and have terrible reactions to chemicals. The ball worked great BUT after using the aluminum foil ball 3-4 times – my clothes took on a metallic smell !! I’m having a horrible time trying to get the smell out of the clothes, not to mention the terrible reactions I am having! I can’t get enough fresh air at this point. Be careful if you have MCS as it will be a problem you don’t want.