Find a Coupon for Nearly Anything

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Companies know that you’re looking for deals online and they want to entice you to use their product or service. Don’t hesitate to email a company and ask for a coupon if you are looking for a particular product.
Don’t just buy something without thinking through the purchase. Instead of unconsciously going to the store, figure out a way to get it free, cheap, or at a discount.

Is the item you need something you can borrow from a friend or neighbor?

Can you find the item gently used?
Check out CraigsList, . What’s great about this website is that everything is categorized on a local level. Just click on the CraigsList link found in the upper right-hand corner of the page to select your city.
  • Find a local job
  • Sell a car in your area
  • Sublet an apartment in your neighborhood
  • Sell furniture, toys, etc. locally (Better than having a garage sale!)
If you’re in a hurry to sublet an apartment or sell your car, your free 7 day ad is live within 5 minutes after creating it. Knowing that the advertisements on CraigsList are current is another advantage over looking through the classifieds in your local paper.
Can you get a coupon online?
If you can’t borrow the item from your neighbor or find the item used, do some research online to determine if you can get it on sale. At a minimum, if you’re buying online, often you can do a search for a coupon. Just type in the name of the store and the word “coupon.” For example, “ABC Hardware Coupon.” You may be surprised to find a coupon code for free shipping or a percentage off your total purchase.
You may find coupons online for discounts on haircuts, oil changes and take out pizza or Chinese food. One thing to keep in mind… you know that ordering out dinner is expensive. But, if you’re going to do it, then do it as cheaply as possible by using a coupon.