Budget Savvy Diva Opinion: Store Cancels Order After They Mispriced Item

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I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last rant post – but there has been a situation that has been bugging me for a while so I thought y’all would enjoy hearing about a lovely online shopping I had a couple of months ago.

It all starts that my husband LOVES Iron Man – as do I – and with his birthday approaching I thought it would be a perfect gift to get him Iron Man on Blu Ray. Though I love my hubby to pieces I am NOT going to spend $20.00 on a blu ray for him ♥ So I went searching for a great deal… after a couple of days with no luck – I found a store – lets call it Mart – had Iron Man on Blu Ray on extreme discount for only $10.00 !!!

So I quickly bought it through their online store – and with .97 cent shipping – I was happy. To bad this happiness would not last long when a couple of days later I get a email from the Mart stating

– Sorry there was a mix up with the pricing, you see the Iron Man Blu Ray was suppose to be only 10% off not $10.00 …..so….yea know…… we cannot fulfill your order BUT you can still buy the Iron Man Blu-Ray for the 10% off price. –

Can you believe that ??!!!!

I understand that someone made a mistake with the pricing BUT it is just like going to a store when a product is wrongly priced – they are obligated to give you the posted price…. I mean they want me to be a customer still don’t they??? With the huge markup for dvds and blu-ray you think that they could decrease there profits by just a little to fulfill the orders that they promised.

What are your thoughts on the subject???


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  • Valerie

    I had this happen on a large online retailer that starts with an A, some company had 10 reams of paper for like 6.99 well of course I jumped on it. I get an e-mail a couple hours later saying it was suppose to be only for one ream and that my order was cancelled the the money was refunded. I knew it was to good to be true but it still made me alittle mad that they made the mistake and wouldn’t honor it.

  • K. I.

    I work for a large chain retail craft store and more often than not corporate sends us mis-marked sale tags, employees forget to take down old sale signs, etc. If it’s obviously our fault then we do give the customer the adjusted price after a little bit of grumbling. If I were you I’d be putting up a HUGE stink about this by calling customer service (Email usually gets you nowhere). If you demand enough and press your point most companies usually bend to your wishes. Yes it was their dumb fault for not checking this before publishing and not your fault. Fight to win, Diva!

  • Monique Hanson

    OMG, I can’t believe Walmart did that to you. What a joke! Like in the stores you should have been granted the price!!! Lame-O!

  • Heather Chandler

    I had the exact same deal as Valerie in the post above me. I too felt it was too good to be true. People make mistakes, I understand that. I was ok, but disappointed. Still shop with them because of other super great deals.

  • Nicole

    Sounds like fraud to me. You were promised something legally in print by a company and they didn’t fulfill their end of the agreement. Unfortunately, big companies have big money for lawyers and why would you get one over something as small as a Blu Ray right? But the point is also how many people nation wide did this retailer make that same promise too. And still they get away with a ‘sorry’ because we are just individual people. Honestly I don’t like those adds for lawyers for class action lawsuits, but these kind of situations make me dislike them less. I am sorry you got treated this way and just hope your husband has a wonderful birthday celebration with you!

  • Sheryl

    Yes sears messed up. That said Sears should have still honored the price at one per household. If I go into a store eg lmart (its happened) and find a good deal, go up to register where they then tell me its a mistake they have still honored the mistake for the 1st item!