Budget Savvy Diva Opinion: Store Cancels Order After They Mispriced Item

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I know it has been a couple of weeks since my last rant post – but there has been a situation that has been bugging me for a while so I thought y’all would enjoy hearing about a lovely online shopping I had a couple of months ago.

It all starts that my husband LOVES Iron Man – as do I – and with his birthday approaching I thought it would be a perfect gift to get him Iron Man on Blu Ray. Though I love my hubby to pieces I am NOT going to spend $20.00 on a blu ray for him ♥ So I went searching for a great deal… after a couple of days with no luck – I found a store – lets call it Mart – had Iron Man on Blu Ray on extreme discount for only $10.00 !!!

So I quickly bought it through their online store – and with .97 cent shipping – I was happy. To bad this happiness would not last long when a couple of days later I get a email from the Mart stating

– Sorry there was a mix up with the pricing, you see the Iron Man Blu Ray was suppose to be only 10% off not $10.00 …..so….yea know…… we cannot fulfill your order BUT you can still buy the Iron Man Blu-Ray for the 10% off price. –

Can you believe that ??!!!!

I understand that someone made a mistake with the pricing BUT it is just like going to a store when a product is wrongly priced – they are obligated to give you the posted price…. I mean they want me to be a customer still don’t they??? With the huge markup for dvds and blu-ray you think that they could decrease there profits by just a little to fulfill the orders that they promised.

What are your thoughts on the subject???


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