Ask an Accountant: Last Minute Reminders

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Some of you may not know due to Emancipation Day, the Tax Deadline has been extended to Monday April 18th. Here are some last minute reminders for those of you who have waited until the last minute.

1. You can still make a 2010 tax deductible IRA contribution until Monday.

2. If you know you won’t have your paperwork ready in time, you will need to file an extension.

3. If you owed money this year, consider making estimated payments this year. The first estimate for 2011 is due Monday.

4. Consider opening an IRA for 2011. These are tax deductible and help you save for your future.

*Please keep in mind this post is for informational purposes only and answers given are very general. Many things depend on individual circumstances. Please contact your personal accountant or financial advisor for your particular situation.

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