HOT NEWS: Subway becomes world’s largest restaurant chain

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It is official – There are now more Subway restaurants in the world than McDonald’s locations.

Subway had 33,749 shops by the end of last year while McDonald’s had 32,737.

How did Subway do it?

ADVERTISING —- $5.00 Footlong anyone.

– We are exposed to ads everyday – but Subway has found a way to constantly be in our world – be it t.v spot or billboard ad.

But one must wonder- is Subway such a good deal – it is hard to prove that it is cost efficient – but it does provide a healthy lunch at a modest price. I was shocked going to a McDonald’s a while ago how high the prices were…. seriously that much for a greasy burger ( no thanks)

Location: Did you know that Subways have cornered the hospital market – you will not see a McDonald’s in a hospital….

Simply put – Subway is managed well – and sends a good message along with good food.