Kids Frugal Fun : Creating a Shadowbox

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Each week I bring you a craft or activity to do with your child that is
educational and frugal! This week’s idea was submitted by Madame Deals do directions will be given
for her particular project. Thank You Mom on Dealz for this frugal post

Magazine with pictures of your chosen animal (National Geographic was used for
this one)
scissors and glue or tape ($1)
shoe box
2 dolphin (bought at Dollar Store) ($2)
Total Cost of Project: $3

1. Have your child select the animal they would like to make a “home” or
habitat for in the box.
2. Discuss with your child the types of things found in the habitat (coral,
water, other fish for a dolphin).
3. Have your child search thru the magazine for these types of pictures. If
they are old enough to cut them out allow them to do so, otherwise you will need
to do this.
4. Glue or tape your pictures inside the shoebox to make it look like the
5. Tape your animal’s picture inside it’s “habitat”.

1. Science: Obviously this activity is geare towards
Science and the topic of habitats. You can discuss other animals and other
habitats after creating this one.
2. Language
: Have your child write the steps to creating the
shadowbox. You can also have them do some computer research about their animal
and habitat and write about what they find. Remember that you can write their
thoughts down for them if they are too young to write. Will LOVES researching
things on the computer with me (usually dinosaurs) and we always summarize what
we find while searching.