MUST READ: Budget Savvy Diva Opinion: Credit Card Fraud

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You know what time it is- it is Budget Savvy Diva Opinion Time .

Being a Diva I have a lot of opinions — and I love to tell you my horror stories of shopping and dealing with companies — because I feel your pain.


I am proud to say that I do not use more then one credit card – I have used it for years only to buy gas and pay bills online – plain and simple. The main reason I use it is for the points which I cash in for gift cards. Every month when the bills comes in I pay it right away – I never like having any debt hanging above my head — and being the Budget Savvy Diva — I never have a problem saving up enough money to pay the balance. One thing that I always do when I receive my bill is go over all the charges — but today was different..

A $40.00 charge to Gap Online —- what ?!!

All I could think about is who used my credit card and did they use a coupon??

I checked my emails – making sure I did not do some sleepwalking shopping ( I wonder if this is an actual problem?) …. nope….so I was quick to call my credit provider. I was surprised too only hear two or three minutes of elevator music and being told me call might be monitored — I was quickly answered by a friendly voice. I told her the situation — a situation I think they hear to much of — and she told me that the charge was erased 🙂 Yay!!!

I then asked her about obtaining a new card number — logically if someone has my number — won’t they use it again?!

Can you believe she told me : NO…

She explained that there must be three fraudulent charged in ONE  Month… seems a little weird to me — but what do I know….. Anyone know the logic to that?

Anyways…. I asked her what she thought how someone would get my number and accidentally use it once.

I was told… that it was most likely an accident – that someone out in the world accidentally entered my number on the GAP site…

What do you think about the explanation??  Does it make sense to you??

Because it seems like a FAR stretch to me…… I would love everyone’s insight — so comment ahead.


If anything can come out of my experience it is —- check those credit card bills ♥


UPDATE: I checked out GAP online — and they needed my security code on the back of the card to make the order—- that is some luck for someone to guess all that information