Best and Worst Lip Products

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Hi Sara Here!!! I have a lip product obsession – and I thought I would show you all some of my favorite products and least favorite products.

Let me know if you have tried any of the products I talk about and if you agree with me or not about it πŸ™‚

Baby Lips Are My Favorite Lip Balm

Enjoy the video !

Here is a picture of all the products as well

Below is my winter makeup video – Enjoy!

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  • Sherry

    My husband hates the pink EOS! Every time I wear it, he swears the cat peed! Last time he threatened to throw it out the window. It smells fine to me so I wear it when he is not around.

  • Jessica McGiffen

    I haven’t honestly tried a lot my obsession just recently hit me while working at Lancome!! I would not buy these again but since I got them free I like them.
    Rough in Love lipsticks from Lancome, the texture is great I loved all the colors but would not spend $24.00 on a lipstick!! A high end one I would buy is Cliniques Chubby Sticks! Love them! Super Strawberry is my favorite in that. Others is E.l.f mineral and essential lipsticks, cheap and feel good on my lips. One that I hattteeeee is Lancome’s juicy tubes, they are horribly sticky and taste horrible when it gets in your mouth. For $18.00 I think they are not worth $2.00. Loved the video!! I will check back when I try alot of other’s out!!

  • Kristen S

    I haven’t tried any ot the ones you have shown but always wanted to try EOS. Thanks for you recommendations and advice. I do love burts bees and enjoy peppermint and the tingly feeling on my lips.

  • mrs b

    Blistex makes a stackable lip balm called Restore and Revive–excellent for when your lips are really chapped/dry. The revive has an spf 15 in it, which makes it a great beach lip balm too. I got mine on sale (with register rewards) at walgreens. One for work, one for home. I love the EOS lip balms too–my favorite is the lemon. I like to use lip pencils with the balms for color with a great feel to them.

    Lip balm and hand cream are two of my biggest addictions.

  • Rae

    That mood one sounds so fun! I basically love every type of chapstick/lip balm ever haha. I do really love Smashbox lip-enhancing mega gloss in Stardom – I got it as a freebie, and it looks amazing but isn’t really sticky. I’ve been wanting the blast flipstick for awhile…might have to try it despite the smell

  • Anna K

    My obsession is Bare Minerals Buxom Lips Lip Gloss in the color Bambi. I’m usually very frugal, but I love, love, love this stuff so much I don’t mind paying. It plumps your lips and the tubes last forever. Luckily a Bare Minerals outlet opened close to me so I can get 3/$30 which might seem insane but they usually cost $18 a piece, so it’s not a bad deal.

  • Kelly Kumse

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the same eos you do!!! I’m not a fan of the lemon one but I like the honeydew. The summer fruit is my favorite though! I haven’t tried Baby Lips yet, want to. I honestly love Chapstick moisturizing chapstick (this blue label). It’s amazing! It’s vanilla-y and smooth. Love it!

  • Kristy Bodle

    I have baby lips and I like it. I was given it from a friend and the color that is have is good but I could go little darker. I have so many lip gloss and lip gloss samples. My husband said I can not get any more till I run out. I do not know if you told us what color your Covergirl was.

  • Cyn

    One that I really love is Lip Love from Urban Decay. Although the color is really sheer, when you layer on top of a color, looks super! Its good to gloss bare lips or tinted ones. It smells great as well.

  • Becky

    I haven’t tried a lot of the ones you have, but I have tried the Baby Lips by Maybelline and agree they are nice. Also, I just had the chance to try the CoverGirl Flip Sticks (I have Vixen also) for free and they do make a pretty color. And it lasts a good while. I agree on really sticky lip glosses…that they are annoying. When your hair constantly gets stuck in them…and your boyfriend doesn’t want to kiss you – it’s time for a new lip gloss. I really love Smashbox Lip glosses, they just have a great color and a great sheer shine and sparkle in some. Just love. I tried some in a value kit one time, and then asked for a box of them for Christmas…hehe.

  • Kristin

    I’m not a lip stick kind of gal, but I do have a “lip shine” from Aveda that I love – 871 Golden Prism. It’s my fav. πŸ™‚

    Other than that I use Natural Ice Cherry chapstick. LOL

    I’ve always wanted to try the EOS, now I will. But not the vanilla. πŸ™‚

  • Cristy

    I love Korres brand. Their lip gloss has natural cherry in it. Which is very hurrahing. They are not too sticky. Their guava lip balms are fabulous too! I buy from when they come on TV. I buy a group of 3 when they are on sale for $21. No tax to pay when I buy them online because HSN is in Florida. Also I wait for free S&H. All other lip glosses I have tried are too sticky and they are not long lasting like Korres. love their body butters as well when I can buy them on sale & in a bundle. This saves about 40-50% each time. De hora has this brand but it is to expensive. They also sell benefit and Lancome products. Today’s specials are the best deals. For benefit I bout a today’s special. I paid for the eye shadow and got free mascara and a boxed blush set. You have to watch for the deals but it is worth it!

  • Dana

    I’ve been on the fence about spending $25 on the NARS lip pencil, but you just sealed the deal. Do you have to sharpen it or does it twist?

  • Jenni

    I tried Baby Lips bc you liked it so much, but it actually made my lips chapped. I finally got away from my Chapstick by using Bee bar and my lips rarely were chapped anymore. A few uses of Baby Lips changed that though. πŸ™

  • Laura

    I like EOS in Mint. And I Love Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers. My favorite color is Champaign, which is a real light pink but I have several different shades. I dont always carry a bag so EOS is hard to carry, but Burt’s are slim & slip in a pocket easily.

  • Shannon

    I love, love, love the Mary Kay Satin Lips! It goes on so smoothly and the tube seems to be infinite. I’ve learned this because my 2 year old daughter also loves lip balms/gloss, LOL πŸ™‚