Kids Frugal Fun: Making a Bird Feeder

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Thanks to Momondealz for bringing this post to us!
Each week I bring you a fun, educational, and frugal craft that you can complete with your child. Since warmer weather is finally here and bird families are everywhere, I thought this would perfect. Will loves seeing birds at our hummingbird feeder and now hopefully we can attract more varities!
Large piece of Cardboard
Peanut Butter
Bird Seed or Sunflower Seeds

1. Have your child decide on a shape for their bird feeder. Cut the piece of cardboard into that shape. Will decided he would like a truck shaped feeder!

2. Attach string to the cardboard shape.
3. Smear peanut butter on both sides of shape.

4. Sprinkle bird seed over peanut butter.
5. Pick a spot in your yard to hang your new feeder!
Educational Modifications:
Language Arts: 1. Start a bird watching journal and record the types of birds that visit the feeder, how many come, what kind of weather there is when you see the most visit. 2. Have your child record the steps while making the project. 3. Locate a book with a bird as a main character or a nonfiction book about birds and help your child make connections between the book and your project.
Science: Discuss the characteristics of birds while making the project such as habitat, diet, physical traits, etc). Have your child brainstorm the different ways and places a bird may find food besides your feeder.
Math: You can have your child graph how many birds visit a day and/or the different types of birds you observe.
Don’t have cardboard? Try creating a feeder with these other materials:
-Toilet paper rolls-Roll it in peanut butter and then seeds.
-Lace Cheerios on string and hang up outside.
-Cut holes in the side of a soda bottle or milk jug and fill with seed.
-Hang a large pretzel covered in peanut butter.



Thanks! Momondealz