McDonald Exposed: Want Raw Chicken with Those Fries? – THE SHOCKING FOLLOW UP

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I posted this yesterday but I know that many of y’all did not get a chance to read it.

So if y’all did not know my friend over at Bebellies Bargains has had a distributing find in her chicken strips find all about the story

McDonald Exposed: Want Raw Chicken with Those Fries?

Here is the follow up

So… most of you were completely grossed out by my RAW chicken experience as was I. There were several comments on a few other blogs where people thought I overreacted and “threw a hussy fit” for no apparent reason. I had to laugh those off and think back to my science class in high school, oh so long ago, where we took a swab sample of RAW chicken and left it in a petri dish overnight… the next day, we looked at the dish under a black light and were shown how to test for salmonella and e.coli… yep! It was there along with 4 different types of mold… talk about a group of grossed out teenagers! Then I thought about my own kitchen when I cook chicken, I wash my hands a lot before and after handling and wipe the counters down with Lysol to keep the bacteria away so WHY ON EARTH WOULD I BE MAD THAT I INGESTED THIS STUFF?? <— That’s obviously a rhetorical question:)
Anyway… I also wanted to point out a few misconceptions that I uncovered while I made my many calls to corporate, which we’ll get to as soon as I get off my soap box. Chicken Selects come pre breaded NOT pre cooked. McDonalds restaurants have a specific time that they must cook the Selects in oil at a set temperature. I was given the time and temperature but asked not to publish this information.
That said… this is not an isolated incidence. I have personally been in contact with 6 other people, in my area who have experienced the RAW CHICKEN treatment, as I’m calling it:)

On to the follow up… I contacted corporate via voicemail, e-mail and snail mail. I didn’t receive any communication back so I called again on Tuesday afternoon (remember this happened on Saturday), where I was immediately handed off to a senior manager, Carol. Carol was very cautious from the get go; she listened as I rehashed the details and apologized for my experience. I was then given two options, I was told that I could seek medical attention but if I did so, she would forward my call to their insurance company and I would not be in contact with McDonalds further OR she would send me some free coupons to return to any McDonalds in the future. I opted for neither. I won’t be going back… instead I asked that the District Manager follow up with their store and offer additional training to all managers involved. I asked for them to take this as a lesson and learn from it.
I was also told that corporate would take a look at the internal video from the grill and fryer to see exactly what happened so they could insure this won’t happen again at the same store. I will not receive follow up regarding the video…. although I wish I would:)
As for the e-mail I sent, I received an auto response today… yep! 5 days later stating that someone would follow up on Monday.
Anyhoo… like I said… a boring ending to an awful experience.

Should anything else happen, y’all will be updated here:)

Thanks for reading and thanks for caring.


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  • Natalie

    And this is why McDonald’s gets sued 10 times a day… because they suck at handling problems. I had raw nuggets- I thought- and still think way back… probably around 1995, I was still in college and when I called the store they said they are precooked not raw, so I merely got frozed precooked chicken. I didn’t ever bother with a follow up. When someone handles my issue like a big fat hassle, they don’t deserve my business. And rarely do they get it. I’d say 20 or less times since then.

  • Jenna Burns

    I figured they would offer you coupons. That is what most companies do. My sister once found a bug in her Mars bar and they sent her coupons and a case of them. I am not suggesting that one fast food place is better then the other but we tend to like Wendy’s the best.. and we have found that for the same price as fast food we can generally stop at an actual restaurant and have a good meal or do a to go order–all restaurants will do this. It doesn’t mean that you will or will not get sub par food but it may ensure that you don’t have a zit faced teenager making your food;-)–

  • April

    Ewww. I had a bad experience a while back but it was with a double cheese burger.. I ate about half before looking down and noticing that the inside was several different colors green blue and purple. I was so grossed out I went back up there the manager tried to tell me it was chicken that got mixed in I had said chicken is not that color then they didn’t want to give me my money back just offered me more food. Sorry but no after that I would not eat there if it were the last place on earth..

  • Kourtenay

    I can understand them NOT wanting to draw too much attention to it…but the responsible thing to do is for the district manager to go to that store, get to the root problem and retrain! As far as the customer that experienced this…I would think they would do what ever they could to keep her as a customer. Unless they already think she’s a lost cause which is a shame. Customer service, satisfaction and health should ALWAYS come first when you deal with food and the public. I’m disappointed in the way corporate handled this. A small child or anyone with underlining health issues could die from something like this. I’d suggest the poor mom that went through this to contact her local Health Inspector and not depend on McDonalds to handle this internally.

  • Barb S

    Thanks for the update, and yes, please keep the updated coming. Did you ever contact the Health Department in that city? Heck, get them shut down if they do that kind of stuff, or hire idiots.

  • Janet Weitzel

    I’m sure my 2 cents worth means little but for what it is worth…3 of my 5 children worked at McDonald’s as teenagers. The stress level is extremely high, as with all fast food. People come in expecting to have their food immediately. Try cooking a hamburger, chicken, etc. that fast in your own kitchen. Anyways, these kids are screamed at, insulted and complained to all day long. I can totally see how a stressed out kid could pull chicken out to soon. Not that it is right, healthy or anything else but my point is that it can happen anywhere.

    • tammy b

      well i work there a few years back and when you are the one running the grill they have timers on them so there was no reason why it shoulded been done unless they pulled it to early also the grill person should or keep so many all ready done and they keep it in a lil warmer that the way all the food is done

  • Michelle D

    Honestly, I just won’t eat there no matter what I avoid it. I will use their playgrounds for my kids on a rainy day but they eat somewhere else before they get there. My 3yr son knows how gross their food is, and when he sees a friend eating there he asks, “why are you eating yucky food here”? Great question!!!

  • Annalisa M

    Honestly – they should have offered you the option of having your money refunded. I think that would have made more sense than coupons to go back to that place. I have never liked McDonalds, and only eat there once in a while when my 8 yr old decides she wants chicken nuggets. Even then I try to persuade her to go to Wendys. This just makes me not want to go there at all.

  • Veronica Bright

    Hmm, well, the customer service does seem to be lacking greatly. However, these are people in these fast food places (if you think it doesn’t happen at ALL of them, you’re wrong). Things happen. While I think the Health Department should be involved, I don’t think anyone can point out ONE fast food place. And, if a 3 year old is saying such things…he heard that said somewhere! Oh…and it’s a “hissy fit”, not “Hussy fit” LOL. Good luck. You should have at least gotten your money back!

  • Ann

    I just don’t understand what the big deal is…seriously. It was a mistake, error, bad judgement, poor service, poor follow up, overall a bad experience. We get it! Millions of people ate there on the same day and their food was fine. It amazes me that everyone in the world can’t forgive “someone” or “someplace” for having a bad day. You want to be forgiven by your spouse, children, family, or friends when you’ve made a mistake or had a bad day. I’m dissappointed in people who expect EVERYTHING in the world to be perfect when you buy something. The world is NOT PERFECT, YOU are not perfect, sometimes people need to step back and give people a break!! Sometimes purchases are a gamble. Yes, you should be “satisfied” but to blast an entire company who serves 1,000’s of people a day or any other company for one bad incident. I’m not joining that band wagon. What a disspointment to society for those who can’t just get over it! How much of your life have you wasted retelling, complaining, calling, following up on this, etc? You didn’t die, you didn’t end up in the hospital, you lost what $5.00…get over it, you gambled and lost..make your own chicken and pack in a cooler!

    • Bebellies

      You’re right… I didn’t get sick, I didn’t die, I didn’t go to the hospital BUT I do run a blog, where I review products… I have like 600 followers so blasting?!?! Not so much.
      The entire point of this post was to remind people to check their food! ALWAYS! That’s all. However, the point became a bit blurred when customer service didn’t seem to care. That’s when I became the most upset; mistakes happen… everywhere… all the time. I get that! I totally get that! When a mistake happens, I expect people to own up to it, apologize and move on! Maybe I’ve been training customer services reps for too long but I do have a certain expectation when approaching a larger company about an issue. I expect the issue to be handled quickly, professionally and with empathy.