Moving To Phoenix, AZ and Circle K

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Written By: Mr. Savvy ( BSD’s Hubby)

We moved to Phoenix last night.  After a twelve hour day of packing and loading the UHAUL truck with BSD’s Dad, We got up bright and early to hit the long and windy road.  We arrived in town and loaded up the apartment well into the night.  Though exhausted, we went out for food at Chipotle ($8.00) and stopped at Starbucks for the wi fi and the coffee– in that order.  This is all pretty routine, but a lot of our stuff is still boxed up and I ran out of Tdiscs for my Tassimo machine, so in the morning we had to go get some coffee.  We have a Circle K right down the street and as soon as we entered we saw a deal for free coffee any size with purchase of a $1.99 breakfast sandwich.  I had already secretly wanted a sandwich, but didn’t know if BSD would approve, so this deal synched it.  BSD’s Dad also drinks coffee and we planned on getting two cups.  Instead, we got the biggest cup we could find and took it home to split it between two mugs.  That’s two free cups of coffee and a two dollar breakfast that actually tasted pretty decent!  That was our very necessary morning coffee and our first frugal Phoenix experience.  We already know about the 44oz. soft drinks  for $.79 so we love Circle K.  Anyone else have great Circle K tips and deals to share?