MUST READ – TSA Pats Down Budget Savvy Diva

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Not a picture of Budget Savvy Diva--- just used as an example


This is a post I did before — with me going back to the Phoenix Airport on my trip to Los Angeles – I wonder what will happen this time

So Mr. Savvy and I are leaving Phoenix, AZ and heading back home… we headed to the airport with plenty of time before the flight – I am usually early for everything – especially when traveling. It is a slow travel day here at the Phoenix airport and I was happy to see that the line to security was short. I took the time to match sure everything was set for security – putting everything in the trays went through the machine – no noise. I thought I was all set to go….

Not so much…

I was quickly told to set to the side and the security line was halted. Backup was called… as well as a female inspector. I was a little shocked by all of this especially since there was not a beep or anything.

I was surprised as well that I did not get the chance to use the x-ray machine thingy ( I would be fine with that) – rather I had to go through a female inspector inspection – and I do not know how to feel about it. I understand that it was done in the name of safety and I was most likely picked at random – but still I do not be felt up ( I think that is the best way to describe it).

I want to know what you think about the subject – for me – I did feel uncomfortable but…. it is for our safety right?



Budget Savvy Diva - national threat???

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  • Jen

    Cavity Searches Next? I think you are right to feel uncomfortable, it just doesn’t seem right. This is exactly why I avoid flying, I will drive halfway across the country if I have to. From all that I have heard, they seem to be picking mostly good innocent people for this stuff. Personally, I would feel violated just walking through the x-ray scanner machine. It’s just creepy. Sorry they picked you, it’s gotta suck.

  • Michelle

    I do understand it is for our safety but it can’t be an experience anyone would want to go through. My husband used to travel for work and flew frequently. He never had a problem till he flew near DC. He was pulled aside and strip-searched in a closed room. Apparently his name is one letter off from an international terrorist who is 30+ years older than my husband. Not a good experience.

  • Andrea Dorea

    I really get rialed up about these TSA “pat-downs” – I haven’t flown recently so I haven’t had the chance to get worried about it, other than hearing the horror stories about everyone from 86 year old grandmothers to 6 years olds being patted down (& then drug tested…whaatt???!!!) This is really getting out of hand. That you didn’t even get the chance to take the scanner & got the pat down is horrible!!! It IS an invasion of one’s body & privacy, not to mention it does NOT make me feel any safer about flying.
    The only way we can put an end to this is to (as a whole) – avoid flying so the airlines will have to turn to the government to force them to put an end to this whole stupid fiasco. I could go on, but again, I’m sorry you had to go through it – just makes you wonder what this world is coming to, and what’s next!!

  • Wendie Rodgers

    I recently saw how they are patting down little children and, as a mother, I am not looking forward to travelling with my little ones who will kick and scream if someone touches them. Did they even give you the option to go through the x ray? Ick.
    check out “tsa searches child” on you tube and see what you think about that one!

  • kristi

    I am all about safety screenings but I feel that if the original scanner did not alarm then there should not have been a need to go that far…

  • julie

    Cute pic but baseball hat and sunglasses, maybe a lil suspicious. LOL. I’m all for pat downs, whatever it takes to be safe. It’s too bad we have to do this but I do see it as necessary with what’s out there!

  • Rebeca

    That happened to me and it was like only the second time I had flown. My husband had graduated his MOS schooling and I came to visit and bring him his car. My daughter and I chose to stay home until she finished school that year. I was going to fly back so I was by myself and really nervous. Then suddenly I get pulled aside like that. Luckily it was a tiny airport so my husband could still see me and stood there to reassure me it was ok until everything was over but still. I also hate people seeing my feet and I had to do the take my socks off too. I didn’t like any part of it.

  • AmandaScott

    If thats what you look like in the photo – I can kinda understand the hat and the glasses part but… seriously… out of random?! Ugh! I have flew few times now and I’ve never had to go through that experience. I would politely ask them use the x-ray scanner and if not, I’ll turn around and go home. I will NOT tolerate anybody looking at my body. I don’t think its right.

  • sue killgore

    I do not fly any more and I will not unless there is an emergency that can’t be attended to any other way. It is extremely stupid to pat down children and people who do not pose a threat. If there is a terrorist going through the line and the scan misses them, chances are the pat down will, too. It is another example of overreacting to perceived threat. Have any would-be terrorists been apprehended this way?