*Brag Shopping Trip Of The Day* JC Penny’s Exreme Clearance – Might Be National … Check It Out!!!

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Here is a picture of the receipt

Thank you so much Reader Amy!!!

Here is how she did it and how you can as well 🙂

This is what she said:

” So my husband and I decided to go to JcPenny today because he wanted to buy a couple of t-shirts and when we walked in there were about 10 ladies in the mens dept. marking down racks and racks of clothes to $1.97. We found out they were doing it in every dept and that corp. office had just told them to do it. As you can see in the reciepts I purchased a total of 96 items. About 20 were shorts and all the rest were shirts. Both t-shirts and polos. They were from the mens dept, boys department, and girls department. I have 6 kids ages 12,10,8,6,3 and 4mo. I was able to get clothes for all of them minus the baby. She didnt need any. I saved $1683.01!!!!!! Alot of these were normally between $25-$50 shirts. Especially the mens polos. This was in Franklin, TN. Im assuming they are doing it everywhere.”

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