*BRAG Shopping Trip Picture Of The Day* New Couponer!

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Thanks! Reader Gina

This is what Gina Wrote

” My husband and I just have started couponing the past two weeks. We went to our local Walmart 9/26

12 items bought.

Coupons we used.
~ One Free Can of Batter Blaster
~ Three 75 cents off McCormick Seasonings
~ 75 cents off Frenches Honey Mustard
~ Two Coupons for Free Bottles of Country Bobs All purpose Sauce
~ $6.00 off Schick Razors (They had 4 packs with 2 extra)
~ Coupon for free Oscar Meyer Hotdog SELECTS
~ Coupon $1.00 off two V8 Splash

And the little book is my coupon book my husband got me has 56 slots. It was $4.98

Total came to $30.74 without Tax
With coupons we paid $9.77 with Tax

First time we used more than two or three coupons at once. I’ve seen better, but I think we did pretty good for
our first time!”

What do YOU think about this Shopping Trip?


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