*Brag Shopping Trip Of The Day*

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Thanks Reader Misty

This is what Misty wrote

Meijer trip Today!! My husband loves to watch the total change!!

Loaf of bread

Banquet Meal

Michelina Meal

Gallon Milk

4  bags of Bugles Snacks. on sale for $0.99, used 4x $0.50 Q doubled to $0.99= FREE

5 Bags Chex mix. On sale for $0.99, used 5x $0.50 Q Doubled to $0.99= FREE

4 Archway Cookie Packages. On sale for $0.99, used 4x $0.45 Q doubled to $0.90= $0.09 a package

Dozen Eggs

4 boxes Pizza Rolls. On Sale for $0.99, used 2x$1.00/2 Q plus a $0.40/2 MPerk= 1.56 for 4 boxes

2 boxes oatmeal

10 things of Yogurt. On sale 10/$6, used 10x $0.30 Q doubled to $0.60= FREE

10 cans Alpo Dog Food. On sale 10/%6.50, used 3x $1.00/3, and a $1.00/8 Q= $2.59 or $0.26 per can

Overall Savings of $52.52, OOP $18.57.. 74% Savings..


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