Brag Worthy Shopping Trip – HUGE Clearance of Target Toys

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Thanks! Reader Amanda

– I am not sure what she will be doing with all of these toys but I hope some are donated 🙂

This is what she wrote

I went only for toys and that is all I bought amazingly (I usually find something off my list that is a good deal). They have a BIG toy sale this week. All of the coupons I used came from the Hasbro insert from this past weekend (will be called manu) and Target coupons from the ad (will be called ad) and web coupons printed from (will be called web). Here is my list and match ups.

1 Disney Princess doll: Regular $29.99 on clearance for $8.98 used 50% off disney princess toy ad coup ($4.50 disc) paid $4.49

4 Star Wars Pod Fighter 4 ct: Sale price $5.99 used 50% Star Wars toy ad coup ($3 disc) and $2 manu paid $0.99 each

4 Playskool Heros: Sale price $5.99 used $3 web and $3 manu paid $0.99 each

4 Mini Mega Blocks Action figures (found by Easter Stuff): price $2.84 used 50% Mega Blocks ad ($1.42 disc) paid $1.42 each

4 Hello Kitty Mega Blocks (also by Easter stuff): price $4.74 used $3 web paid $1.74 each

4 Dizzy Furreal Dancers: Sale price $6.99 used B1G1 Free web ($6.99 disc) and 2 $2 manu paid $1.49 each

1 Battleship game: Sale price $10 used $3 web and $3 manu paid $4 got free Hasbro card game with purchase. (buy any Hasbro game priced $10 or more get free Hasbro card game)

1 Bop It game: Sale price $15 used $5 web and $5 manu paid $5 got free Hasbro card game with purchase

1 Laugh and Learn Puppy: Sale price $17 used 50% ad off any Fisher Price ($8.50 disc) and $5 manu (now this one came from a Fisher Price coupon book I found at Toys R Us) Paid $3.50

Total OOP with tax: $42.61 Total savings: $173.50
This is an 80% savings.