*Brag Worthy Shopping Trip* 79% Savings At Walmart

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Thanks! Reader Jen

This is what she wrote

Wal-Mart trip 10/21/11. I’m going to donate the razors. I picked up 12 of these yesterday and used the coupons in the packages, plus some coupon insert coupons I had, to go back and get these today. I made $25 off buying the razors between yesterday and today, which don’t want to scan at Wal-Mart, they have to be rung in manually. We have collection boxes where I work to take donations for toiletries items and food and coats. I already dropped off 12 deodorants, 6 toothbrushes, 6 toothpastes, and 6 large shampoos and conditioners. All the donations were bought using coupons and probably cost me no more than $5, less if you consider the moneymakers on the razors.

78.4% savings
Before coupons $145.11, paid $31.41 with tax.