Frugal Date Night: Wine Tasting – ONLY $6!

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Budget Savvy Diva 🙂

So last night was date night at the Budget Savvy House and we decided to do Frugal Wine Tasting 😉

How it all got started was a trip to Walmart where you could buy little bottle of Shutter Homes Wines

We picked up 4 wines for $4.95 🙂 – Not to shabby. I am thinking about heading over to Walmart again to pick up another 4 pack so we can have them for picnics 😉

We also had some cheese and gluten free crackers on hand so I made a small cheese plate to go along with the tasting

My sad little cheese plate 🙂 I wish we had some chedder on hand

Here is Mr.Savvy tasting the Chardonnay

As we drank the wine we wrote down what we tasted…. After the tasting was done I went online to Shutter Homes Wines and compared their description to ours. It was TONS of fun! I was able to pick up on the citrus notes while the hubby picked up the melon.

All together our at home date cost about $6 bucks and it was tons of fun to do 😉

Do you have any ideas for frugal at home dates?