*MUST READ* Movie Fraud …. What is YOUR Take?

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Article By Budget Savvy Diva

So it is a nice Sunday afternoon – Budget Savvy Diva.com is updated for the next 4 hours and I wanted to spend some time with the sweetie watching a film so I decided to check out the local redbox selection online… And this gem showed up.

The True Story of Puss n’ Boots

With William Shatner….

Now many would think will a quick look that this is the same Puss n’ Boots film coming out in theaters in about a month

I cannot believe that companies make straight to video films basically copying the look and name of a big budget films to make a quick buck.

But take a look at the reviews ….. It makes me so mad that so many people wasted their hard earned money on renting this film

Some of my favorite reviews:

“This movie was AWFUL!! NOT for little ones. I thought it was Puss from Shrek, as well. It’s NOT. Very dark characters. I don’t believe that this movie should be rated G, too scary looking.

“Ouch! This movie was so painfully awful we turned it off after about 6 minutes. I wish there was a zero stars option for rating. Like others we also thought this was the Puss in Boots from Shrek. SAVE YOUR MONEY, not worth $1.08. =(“

What do you think should be done?

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  • dawn

    I rented the same movie thinking it was the “shrek” version! I was so mad when my boys watched that HORRIBLE movie. I thought about writing to redbox and complaining…hope it does some good so no one else rents it!

  • Brandy Nelson

    I found your review because I am a blogger and I just had this movie show up in my mailbox. I don’t remember agreeing to review it, and I couldn’t find anything in my e-mails about it. I was trying to figure out where it came from! I haven’t watched it yet, but thanks to you, I know not to pop it in for my toddlers!

  • Josh

    While I agree it is deceptive and an equally horrid film, the RedBox description does say, “This is not the Antonio Bandares film in theaters.”

  • jim

    DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!!!!h I got suckered in also I bought it for 5 at the redbox.horrible movie the queen sounds drunk. Cats voice is so annoying. My 8 year old daughter turned it off after about. 20 minutes in. Thank god we rented smufs the same day.

  • Mike

    We too fell for what my wife thought was the class Shrek spin off to be duped by this rip off scam rubbish. This DVD will be returned to where it was purchased from asap and we will be refunded.

  • V. Jenkins

    My daughter picked out this DVD at Target, I checked the packaging for a rating, and bought it. This movie was absolutely HORRIBLE and completely inappropriate for my 7 year-old daughter.

    This movie is so wrong on so many levels: the drunk queen; annoying Cat; the risqué princess tavern dance scene. Even my daughter was shocked by this cartoon’s inappropriateness.

    Parents, please DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE!!!

  • eric

    not a childrens movie rated R who ever rated this movie should be fired do not recommend this movie mr shatner you should make a you tube vid and apologize for this. horrible!!!!!

  • Brian Scott

    This movie is really really the epitome of horrible. It has the very misleading title that would cause any quick browser of dvd’s to think it was the Dreamworks verson. The princess was pretty sleazy looking with all her cleavage and the prince well lets just say he needed to wear baggier pants as the animators made it evident he was a well endowed prince. NOT at all an G-rated film!! Bad Bad Bad in all ways this film is.. William Shatner shoud be ashamed of himself.

  • Michelle

    OMG! What was Shatner thinking?? He must have produced the movie in full to use his voice over. Everything everyone else said before me is so true…OMG!…don’t waste your money! Make sure it’s the movie with Antonio Banderas, which I heard was veery good.
    I called Redbox & received promo code for a free movie and had a laugh with the CS agent 🙂

  • Jenn

    I understand many people were expecting the disney/dreamworks version of the movie, but I think it is their mistake for not reading about it first. This was released in 2009, way before the Puss in Boots shrek version. It is also a foreign film. This is based off of Charles Perrault’s story. He was a french novelist. This movie is a french movie, So it is not “Americanized.” While I have to say it is a bit weird at times, my son loves it and has watched it a good 20 times on netflix. watch it with the knowledge that it is a foreign film and maybe you will not be so negative about it.

  • Michelle

    I would agree that this movie is dark and sort of macabre at times. As an adult, I could tolerate the movie but my kids didn’t care for it. It really seemed more like a burlesque sort of parody than a real kids’ movie. The women’s chests and bottoms were extremely over-exaggerated, the queen was drunk (at least that’s how she sounded), she princess did an unexpected sort of dance in the tavern, and there were several sexual innuendos throughout the movie, including a scene were the main male character is naked and the cat attempts to lure the queen over because of this, lol. If you’re uptight about that sort of thing or you have very young children, then this movie probably isn’t for you. The one thing I did enjoy about the movie was the music…..I thought it was beautiful. But the cat’s voice was so annoying……..ugh….they picked the most horrible voice for the cat that one could possibly think of. He sounds like a “crazy old man” cat.

  • Diana

    i never leave posts but had to. as you can tell i fell for this trick way after the other posts did. the original Puss ‘N Boots IS out on dvd but i fell for this one not noticing the full title or tha Puss had clothes on, not just boots and a belt for his sword. we watched 30secs of it and knew something was wrong, Antonio Bandares wasnt in the title credits, you cant have Puss w/o Antonio! then as soon as the grafics came i knew we got scamed, weve had this movie for 3DAYS. I am so annoyed, especially after the day ive had

  • Nada

    This movie is a gem. It’s so hilariously awful, like The Little Cars in The Great Race. Not for kids by any means, but again, hilariously awful.