*NEWS* Man uses Fake Coupons in Robbery Spree + Made $182,000 in Selling Fake Coupons on Ebay!

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Budget Savvy Diva.com is known for many things including Fake Coupon Alerts

You can read all about them HERE

I began researching what happens to people who create fake coupons and I know some are caught like

Arrest of Glenn Rodgers

, 66 and you can see in the picture above,  who created fake coupons for national brands including Gillette, Olay and Norelco on his home computer that ranged in value from $10 to $70.

Target reported losses nationwide of $25,000-$30,000 directly related to him.

He had $182,000 in sales on eBay from all of the free loot.

The coupons that Glenn used fooled everyone –

They were really well made on glossy paper and even had a bar code on them

When Rodgers went to redeem them, the coupons would come up as invalid, but because of the high-quality of the forgeries, store managers would override the computer and accept them. It was when the store went to turn them in to the manufacturer that they would find out they were phonies. Isn’t that horrible!

20 to 30 different businesses — including Target, Kmart, Walgreens and Rite Aid — that officials believe Rodgers targeted with the fraudulent coupons.

They were really well made on glossy paper and even had a bar code on them,”

People create fake coupons not only to use but to sell… I know many of my readers use ebay as a resource but I personally would not use it.


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  • Tawnya

    This is horrible and yet another abuse of coupons which in turn causes policy change etc. What amazes me more is that it states on majority of coupons that you are not to “Buy or sell coupons”, essentially anyone buying on ebay is already breaking the law. I wish ebay would actually protect end users and enforce the law and stop selling coupons…Sorry to those that buy them, but find other alternatives that are legal.

  • sam j.

    I too wished eBay would not allow you to sell coupons. That said if you read the description on sales the seller states you are not buying the coupon but the time and effort in clipping said coupon. So it is legal. They aren’t selling coupons but their time.

    • Betsy

      I have been following this trend and have been watching some online vidoes,  news reports and the like and I think that the clipping services days are numbered.  They get away with it because they rely on the premise of that fact that they are providing a service yet no longer will they be able to justify that they are paying for their time to clip the coupon because how can they justify inflating the price of the coupon because *they* deem it to be valuable.  By doing so they are then putting value on what they are selling and not what they are doing – in direct conflict with how they are justifying their business to begin with.
      I can’t see a justification for charging a differnt price for a coupon based on it’s $$$$ value when they rest of the principle of they are getting paid for their time to clip a coupon.  Their scissors or cutting maching have no way of knowing the value of the coupon it is cutting.  It would be like increasing the price of the newspaper because there are several high $$$$ coupons in it.  
      I look at it this way.  I am not powerful enough to control the gas prices nor the price of tea in China,  but I will not let a service insult my intelligence and monetarily rape my pocketbook trying to get me to believe their service is worth more because their “cutters” cut a higher $$$$ value coupon.  If they feel the need to raise the prices on ALL their coupons due to their business practices and costs then I say go for it and let the chips fall where they may.  But to say that there is more value to a coupon for an item that came in an insert alongside one that is less valuable,  I say pphhooeeyyy

  • caroline garner

    I actually tried to buy some Silk coupons on ebay earlier this year (didn’t know there was anything wrong with that and my son has to have it- and it’s expensive for how quick he goes through it since it’s almost all he drinks). I was actually sent fake free advil coupons instead. I did a search for them and came up with someone telling people that they were fake and how to tell. I messaged the guy letting him know that he had sent me advil coupons and he said to throw them out and sent me free silk coupons that were also fake. I threw them all away and contacted both ebay and paypal to get my money back and hopefully catch the person, even though i’m sure it was too late. These people have to be sending the money they make to an address or checking account so I don’t get how they don’t get caught. Needless to say, I haven’t bought any more coupons off ebay, or anywhere for that matter.