Brag Worthy Shopping Trip – 77% Savings

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Thanks! Reader Brittany

This is what she wrote –

Retailed at just under $300 and i paid $69 for all of it after tax! i will do my best to list the coupons with each item and the price. but i want everyone to know why i got such a large haul before everyone starts saying shelf clearer and all this is from 3 different stores and did not clear any shelfs and the resin for such a large haul is because this is the last pay check my fiance will get becuase hes going on layoff he works a seasonal job and winters we struggle a lot so this will help my family make it threw the winter having 2 young kids 2 large dogs and a cat! so i hope people dont think so negative of this large haul and think badly of my couponing this is not an all the time haul i usually do 3 big hauls a year. heres the run down of my trip.
1 20 oz diet coke-coupon for free from mycoke rewards
6 dannon yogurt-free coupons from a friend who works for dannon
3 up2u gums-$1.00 off coupon making them free
1 iphone car charger no coupon fiance just needed it
5 1/2 loafs of healthy life bread on sale for $0.99 used $0.35 coupon
7 zone perfect bars-used $0.55 coupon making them free
2 durricell watch batteries used $1.50 coupon making them free
4 travel tides $0.50 coupons making them free
1 charmin travel to go wipes used $1.00 coupon not sure where it came from it was laying on a shelf making it free
2 aqua fresh tooth paste travel used printed $1.00 coupon from there site
8 carefree pantie liners used $0.55 coupon
1 kandoo wipes used $1.00 coupon they mailed me
1 can pringles no coupon just sounded good
1 can lays chips also no coupon
6 nesquicks used $0.65 coupon making free
16 mini m&m’s chistmas ones used $1.00 off 2 mars product coupons
2 pankoo bread crumbs printed coupon from there site free with $1.00 overage
1 marshmallow pebbles cereal used $1.50 coupon from all you
2 vellvetta skillets used two printed coupons from facebook site
1 toblerone chocolate used $0.55 coupon making it free
2 pro-nutrient  centrum fruit and veggie vitamines used $7.00 coupon
1 ky jelly
1 mirical bubbles for kids no coupon
7 purina beyond dry dog food $4.00 coupon
1 old yeller 44lb dog food used $3.00 cataline from last shopping trip
and everything else listed was free coupons i won from the purina giveaway on there site
1 tbonz dog snack, 1 beggin strips, 4 chef michaels can dog food, 2 fancy feast appatizers, 2 cans friskies wet cat food, 2 cans might dog wet food, 4 fancy feast gravey lovers wet cat food, 2 cans purina one dog food, 2 cans alpo dog food, 1 purina busy bone,  2 bags friskies dry cat food, 1 bag purina dog chow, 1 bag purina one dry cat food, 1 bag beneful dog food, 2 bags cat chow, and 1 purina breeze litter box
Remember to keep sending in your shopping trip pictures to [email protected] 🙂