Package Came With An Item I Did Not Order – WHAT SHOULD I DO!

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So I was not planning on all the stuff above BUT there was a After Christmas Sale at One Kings Lane that I could not past this deal

By the way if you have not checked out One Kings Lane yet you totally should 🙂

They are having a blowout New Years Sale – plus if you go through this link you get $15 to spend 😉

Now I ordered 3 items…

There are 4 in the picture.

For some reason I got a nice candle in the box. It is a full size product – and I do not think One Kings Lane give away free samples.

What would you do?

Keep It – and enjoy


Contact One Kings Lane and ask what to do



Please post what you would do in the comment section – thanks a million


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  • Sandy

    That’s happened to me before, not from your seller but I did contact them. They just told me to keep the item. I think it would cost too much to ship it back and they can’t charge you for it so basically it is really an inventory correction for them. Just my thoughts.

  • a deyoung

    usually I contact the company they have always let me keep it as a misspick but it makes me feel better to do the right thing and try to return it.

  • Dana Brown Partaker

    I placed an order and got a lemon scented candle. It’s a promo they are doing. You were suppose to get it, as they gave one in all orders placed within a certain time frame.

  • Julee

    They messed up on an order with me. I called them, they sent me my original order and a fedex label to return the order to them.

  • Amy L. Norman

    I think it is a Thank You gift from OKL. I ordered from them in October, and also received a candle in a metal tin with a lovely citrus fragrance. 🙂

  • Lydia

    Contact them so you do not feel bad. They will probably tell you to just keep it. I am sure they wouldn’t want a customer to incur an expense for their mistake 🙂

  • Jamie Pelaez

    More than likely it was a gift. However, for integrity reasons… I would contact them and ask. Even if it was an accident, they will appreciate your honesty and probably tell you to keep it.

  • Jessica

    Just to be honest, you should probably call them and ask them about it. I thought I read somewhere that someone received one with their order, but I believe it was a promo or something to that affect.

  • Trisha Balmer

    I guess I would call them and ask them what to do. Chances are they will tell you to keep it because it really wouldn’t pay them to pay for shipping it back to the company… but who knows.

  • Michele vassily Lauer

    Last year when i ordered from them around the holidays i got a beautiful silver frame that i did not order, i just assumed it was a holiday thank you.

  • Stephanie

    Contact them and be honest!!! I bet they will just let u keep it. It is there mistake. honesty is ALWAYS the best policy!!!

  • Charmaine Rampey

    I would contact them and ask. More than likely they will not want to have you pay shipping to receive it back or pay it themselves so they will probably just tell you to keep it if it wasn’t a free gift anyway.

  • Terri

    What does the packing slip show? Check that first and if it doesn’t answer your question about the candle, then give them a call.

  • Lisa B

    You could contact them. If they are willing to pay shipping you could send it back, if not keep it. It shouldn’t cost you to fix their mistake. They will probably tell you to keep it anyway!!

  • Laura Miller

    I would personally call. Honesty is the best policy, and you are usually rewarded for it. They probably won’t ask for the item back, but if they do…you did the right thing! It always feels better to walk around with a clear conscience. Good luck deciding! 🙂

  • Leslie

    Sometimes when you order things either over a certain amount or just as a gift for ordering, places will send you a complimentary gift for thanking you. Maybe that is what they did. But I think I would call maybe and check it out. I doubt they would have you send it back lol since it was their mistake lol. Good luck.

  • Peggy

    you can do the honest thing and call them, but I’m sure they’ll tell you to keep it….probably cost more to send it back! Nice to get a surprise though!! Enjoy your candle!

  • erlene reynolds

    i think you should contact the company so they are aware of their mistake, and i bet they will tell you to keep it! 🙂

  • Christine Yankee

    Well to be honest, I would want to contact the company. They would probably tell you to keep it since it would cost to ship it back. Now if they wanted you to return it at your cost, then you wouldn’t want to do business with them again (and no, I wouldn’t return it at my cost).

  • Denise B.

    I was brought up to always be honest, no matter what the situation. Sometimes, a retailer will throw in a freebie on an order without advertising it. I would call them up and just inquire about it. My experience is that if it wasn’t intentionally given to you, they will tell you to keep it as their gift to you.

  • Michele L.

    I used to work at a mail order company…this happens alot, especially this time of year. If you call customer service, unless the product is an expensive item, they’ll probably tell you to keep it. If they want it back, they should send a postage paid return label (and if they don’t, I’d go ahead and keep it – it was their mistake)
    Happy New Year!

  • Nicole Larsen

    I ordered a $15 jewelry making kit from Toys R Us about two weeks ago and had it shipped via 2 day Shoprunner straight to my friend’s little girl in PA. When it got there she sent a picture and said thank you. Turns out they sent her a $150 dollhouse instead! A huge mess up on their end! I called Toys R Us and they ended up letting her keep the dollhouse and sent the jewelry kit as well! I would say enjoy—they would probably just say it was a mistake on their end and to just keep it 🙂

  • Deborah Rosen

    First, I’d look at the packing slip. There may be some indication on it that it’s a gift.

    If not, I’d email them and let them know and leave it up to them on how they want to handle it.

  • R

    I have ordered from them three times and always received a candle. I think it’s just a little extra thank-you freebie. They’re nice candles too!

  • linda h

    i would contact the merchant…In my past experience they normally will allow you to keep the item as it costs more money to arrange shipping. this way it is up to them what they want to do. even as this was their mistake, the company can then use it as a teaching lesson and adjust their inventory accordingly. It will also hopefully keep costs down for future consumers.

  • Shannon

    It would be tempting to keep, but to make sure if wasn’t a mistake I would call them and let them know just to ease my mind….

  • Cheri Brown

    Call the company…honesty is always the best policy!! They will probably tell you to just keep it but you will feel better about yourself and will be setting a good example for your family and friends!! 🙂

  • Rhoda S

    I didn’t receive a candle with my order, but a while after I received my order, I received some pretty cards to use. I agree with other responses of contacting them. It will make you feel at ease. I ordered a video on Amazon for a Christmas present. The tracking said it had been delivered to my house, but it had not. When I contacted them, they sent me another one. That was 2010. Just before Thanksgiving this year, I received the video in a slightly damaged envelope with lots of shipping labels on it. I contacted them, and they sent me a shipping label to mail it back. They had probably already taken care of the loss in inventory. I just felt like it was the right thing to do. It also is a great way to teach your kids what to do in those situations. “Do unto others, as you would WANT them to do to you.” BTW, I couldn’t believe that movie stayed in USPS circulation lost for that long. LOL

  • lynne

    could someone help me with my order. I read that the 15.00 discount will show at the end of my transaction but I haven’t found it. what am I missing here? Thanks ahead of time!!!

  • Dawn Thomas

    I got one as well…a sweet tobacco candle. Gave me an instant migraine! UGH…I have it put away for a white elephant sometime…lol. It said free gift somewhere on my paperwork I think.

  • michelle mattioda

    i got the same candle once and assumed it was free with purchase because it’s kind of “cheap” and it didn’t smell good, i ended up tossing it

  • mrs b

    I got a lavender one for free with my order (got a tray for $15 before you had to buy $30 to use the $15 credit) and added it to my husband’s grandmother’s Christmas gift–it’s her favorite scent. So, I got the tray and the candle for the cost of shipping–my invoice mentioned a free gift.

  • Janet hudson

    I would call they probably put it in on purpose, at any rate they should tell you to keep it. I don’t like to be cheated. I came across the same thing at Christmas and they were happy I was honest said I was one of a very few made me feel good.

  • Lois Jones

    It’s a policy of theirs to send a gift, usually a candle with every order no matter what size it is! One of my items came broken one time and I called them. A free candle was in the original order and another came with my replacement and they said they always send a gift no matter what! Both candles were mine to keep. So it’s their way of saying thanks!!

  • Linda Bell

    From my experience, most companies will tell you to keep it as it would cost more than the item for the postage to return it. Do the right thing and let them know. They may even reward you for your honesty by offering you a discount on something else. You will feel better if you just let them know. Happy New Year!

  • Christina

    I see others said they always send a gift (very nice of them!).
    But, if that wasn’t the case, I would contact them and let them know (I’ve had that happen with an order in the past). Most likely they would have told you to keep it anyway, but I just feel better letting them know.

  • Melissa M.

    From what everyone has said I guess it’s a free gift. If it wasn’t though, I really wouldn’t worry about something as small as a candle, especially when it’s a huge pain nowadays to try to call whatever 800 number and wait however long to go through the automated messages to get to a real person, But, if it was something expensive like jewelry, etc. I would definitely call and ask the company about it!

  • Jaimie A

    I placed an order a while back and also received a candle from them. Not only that, but a few weeks later they sent me a thank you note for ordering from them along with some stationery cards. What an awesome company that takes the time to tell each of us that they appreciate us. That rarely happens anymore.