Brag Worthy Shopping Trip: WOW Shopping Trip

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Thanks! Reader Angie!

This is what she wrote

I scored this deal yesterday at Fry’s. Everything was free except the deviled egg try, that was christmas clearance and I got that for. 99 cents

My entire shopping trip was only 1.10!
I scored with their buy 4 save 4 P&G deal!
Shaving cream was. 99 cents with p&g plus 1.00 off one coupon, then the after shave was. 99 cents combined with my 1.00 off coupons. The soap was. 88 cents each – the 1.00 off coupon. The Gum was on sale for 1.00 minus the 1.00 off one pack coupon!
This was my best deal so far!
I was so excited to share my savings!