Craft: Chalkboard Wine Glasses and Platter

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This is SUCH an easy craft and frugal as well – I found people on Etsy selling the same wine glasses for $18!

I found out when I decided to do this craft that my husband and I are wine glass hoarders. I think it is  because of a mix between great deals on wine glasses and my fear that they will all break.

Now on with the craft. I decided not only to paint some wine glasses but also a platter that we have on hand – which was perfect for a wine/ cheese tasting date I planned.

I found the chalkboard paint at Walmart in the craft section for about $3.00 and I only used about 1/4 on this project. This project took about 30 minutes of actual painting and cost about $1.00 – does it get better then that.

What to do –

Paint the area on the plates or glasses you want to make a chalkboard. You will need to do at least 2 coats – you will have to wait at least 30 minutes after each coat. You will have to let the paint cure for 8 hours. Then you will have to lightly rub chalk on the chalkboard – wipe it off and you are DONE!

Finished product!

Not to shabby 😉

Just think having chalkboard wine glasses for parties!

And of course the cheese platter in action!