Cute Story From Budget Savvy Diva

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So if you are not aware

USPS Stamp Increase In Cost

Well I have a cute little story for y’all. Every time Mr.Savvy comes home from work the same thing happens ( and it is pretty darn cute).

Watson hears Mr.Savvy walk up the stairs to the door.

Like lightning Watson runs to the door as he is running he always lets out this LOOONG MEOW!

I go to the front door  – I am usually cooking or at my desk.

Now the cute part…

Watson jumps on a side table then I pick him all the while Mr.Savvy is waiting at the door ( Watson is not the smallest cat to pick up so it take a little bit). I open the door and Watson jumps on Mr.Savvy – at this point Watson is always purring. Watson soon starts to start meowing non-stop for about 5 minutes while Mr.Savvy pets him. Every day it is the same thing and I am sure it is a sight to watch. Well today was different.

Everything was the same till when the door opened

Mr.Savvy had something behind his back. He said,” You know how long I will love you?”

I not understanding the question asked “What did you do wrong?”

He then showed me what was behind his back – forever stamps – after which he said “Forever“.

As sweet that moment was Watson was not with the change of his routine.