Moving Drama

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So guess how many boxes have been moved into our Pod ( you fill it up and it gets shipped to your new home) ?


Here is the story. The pod was suppose to be delivered around 8 am. Mr.Savvy would have 2 coworkers come and help move everything into the pod while I started cleaning everything including the carpet.

It was such a nice plan …..

Around 7:45 am I saw a truck pull up from the company from whom we are getting the pod. The truck did not come into the apartment house rather ran idle for about 10 minutes on the street. While we sat watching the idle truck I mentioned to Mr.Savvy maybe it would be a good idea for him to check to see if the guy was for us. Mr.Savvy said they are suppose to call and the phone was not ringing, so I went back to trying to fit Watson with his harness – HELP! We Got A Problem.

Soon the truck left… still no phone call…. Mr.Savvy decided to call the company to see if that truck was for us…. guess what…. it was.

We were told that he knocked on the door and called twice ( leaving messages) and that “hopefully” he could deliver our pod at the end of his route.

I do not know what door he knocked on but it was not ours.


Mr.Savvy gave them the wrong number to contact…sigh….

As of 11: 59 am PST there is no pod in sight.

Do YOU have any moving stories?


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  • Michelle

    Good luck! My husband moved us 4 times in 26 months to find the right job. My friends joked that I should become a professional mover. I have my own Uline account!

    We had harnesses for our cats but that was so long ago. Can you go to a Petsmart (and take Watson with you)? They may be able to help.

  • Nicole

    Moving can be such a nightmare. When we moved from NY to SC our movers never showed up. They said they were running behind and would be there in the next few days Mind you my husband had to go to SC start his new job and had no furniture or anything for our apartment then drive back to NY to help me a week later with the movers.

  • Jess

    Last June my husband and I relocated from Fort Wayne, IN to Houston, TX. The company we went through seemed great in Fort Wayne. Sadly, they were 3 weeks late getting our stuff to us and when it finally did show up it looked like all of our stuff had been handled by monkeys (my husband’s exact words!). They somehow managed to lose our queen sized box spring along the way (that STILL baffles my mind!) and our office chair. They also managed to break most of our dishes and many other things. Long story short, MOVING NIGHTMARE! When we move back this coming summer we are thinking about using the pods…so I am waiting to see howit goes for you! Best of luck!