What Happens When My Husband Cooks….

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So I am not feeling to well tonight – another wonderful headache πŸ™

So my hubby said he would make dinner.

At first I was happy but then I realized there is some reason why I do not let me cook….

Well the picture above is why.

As I sat at my desk putting finishing touches on a post, I started to smell wood burning. I think “oh it so nice to have the fireplace going” – but then I realized we do not have a fire place.

I go to the kitchen and my hubby is freaking out.

This is what happened. He cut up some veggies on our wood cutting board. He put the cutting board on the stove burner on the left. He put a pot of water on the right burner and turned a burner on – to bad it was the one that my cutting board was on.

Hope y’all have a nice laugh πŸ™‚