Did Y’all Get The Memo About Poppy Seeds?

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I took this picture right before checking out and dealing with

 Budget Savvy Diva’s Biggest Pet Peeve

So apparently I did not get the memo – did any of you?

Poppy Seeds are now suppose to be in a plastic box now ?!

I know it is because of security reasons and they do not want someone to slip them in their pocket or purse.

But the real question is why poppy seeds?

The price point for them is pretty low under $3.

So please leave your thoughts in the comment section


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  • Jill Van Vlack

    Well I wonder if it could be because if the fact that if you have ingested poppy seeds you could fail a drug test. My friends brither is a State Trooper, and they do random drug tests and their men and women. One of his fellow officers at a bagel with Poppy seeds and failed the drug test and was put on leave. He had to go through great lengths to prove he ate that bagel and where it came from and so on.

  • April Smith

    Ditto to the other 2 posts…..Opium is made from Poppies, which by the way, is the number one cash crop in Afghanistan…….

  • Winona

    It’s not the poppy seeds we get here that are the true opiate, the ones that can get you high are not legal in the US. However, Jill is right, there are trace amounts of markers in them which can make you fail the test.

  • chris coolidge

    It’s because not only can you ingest them, kids have reportedly smoked them and had really bad reactions. It was on a 20/20 awhile back.

  • The Bead Muse

    LOL that is so funny to me. Poppy Seeds, when eaten in large quantities, can give you a false positive for opiate drugs in your system. Maybe that’s why? I’m not sure though. It just tickles me that poppy seeds are in the plastic boxes now. LOL.

  • Kay B.

    I agree with Jill, when I was a driver I failed a drug test also, because I ate a poppy seed bagel. What a mess that was, the worse part I was eating it while she drew blood. Ya think she could have told me, right. Now I can eat them anytime as I’m no longer able to work

  • Lauralee Hensley

    Maybe it’s because they are suppose to let people know that drug testing before you donate blood or for certain random drug checks at work, could come up positive for heroine (hope I’m spelling that right) or opiates if they’ve eaten poppy seeds on rolls etc., within the past 24 to sometimes 36 hours prior. Even though they don’t give you the opiate effect in your system, some drug screens may show you as positive for the harder stuff, even though you didn’t do drugs. I know for jobs at many nursing homes and hospitals, after you apply they give you a list of things not to consume if they call you for an interview. Because if you’re hired after the interview, they will do a drug screen. I know they tell you not to take Sudaphed type products too before a drug screen. However, since that looks like the last one on the shelf, was that the reason, so they would know they needed to reorder?

  • Emily B.

    I was told if you eat lemon poppy seed muffins you will test positive on a drug test so I guess kids think it cool to just eat them? *shrugs* If it’s not one thing, it’s another!

  • Annie

    I can tell you exactly why. It’s not because they make you test positive for a drug test, it’s because of their potential for abuse. Some have said opium poppies (Popaver somniferum) are illegal in the U.S., but they are commonly known as breadseed poppies and the seeds the are in fact used for a wide variety of dishes. Because the outer layer of the seeds do contain some traces of opiates (codiene, morphine, various alkaloids) a bunch of idiot teenagers buy the seeds in bulk to to make “tea”. No, they don’t smoke them, that would do essentially nothing. It’s highly dangerous, with reported deaths surrounding the practice. Basically, they’re in container so that a bunch of junkies don’t steal them to get high.

    Hope that helps.