10 Amazing Benefits of Consuming Poppy Seeds     

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Poppy seeds are grown in different countries all over the world. The nutty oilseeds from the poppy plants are tasty culinary ingredients and benefit the body in curing a host of illnesses like digestion, cardiac problems, skin and hair issues, diabetes, insomnia, and neural problems. Have it in a paste form or make a poppy seed filling with a few other ingredients to add taste to the food you prepare. 

Poppy seeds are of various types. Amongst them, the three most popular are:

  • Oriental or Opium poppy seeds 
  • White/Asian Indian poppy seeds 
  • Blue/European poppy seeds 

Enhances Bone Strength

Blue poppy seeds are a rich source of calcium, zinc and copper. They are helpful to make bones and connective tissues stronger, improve bone mineral density and check the breakage of bones. The presence of manganese in the seeds leads to protein collagen production, keeping the bones sage from severe damage. 

  1. Protects Immunity

Owing to the wealth of bioactive components and antioxidants, blue poppy seeds help fight against various infections and improve the body’s overall immunity. They are anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral, helping the body fight against microorganisms. Zinc in the seeds prevents common cold, fever, sore throat and other respiratory ailments. 

2. Improves the health of skin and hair

The essential nutrients and antioxidants decrease skin inflammation, infections of the scalp and encourage overall hair and skin health. The presence of linoleic acid in poppy makes it a cure for burns, eczema and itching. The application of poppy seed on the face as a mask helps to treat pimples and acne. Anyone who applies the paste glows with beauty and brightness.

3. Treats diabetes

For a diabetes patient, poppy seeds are an essential part of the diet. It has no sugar and is rich in carbs and manganese. 

4. Good for insomniac patients

Poppy seeds have abundant magnesium, which checks the cortisol (a stress hormone) level, reducing stress and improving the duration and quality of sleep. Poppy seeds’ paste with milk or poppy seed tea is extremely effective in regulating the body’s metabolism, bringing sleep and help deal with issues like insomnia.

5. Boosts female fertility 

Poppy seeds and their oil boost fertility in women. If the fallopian tube is blocked, it does not let the fertilized egg get attached to the uterine wall. Poppy Seed oil can dissolve mucus particles or any debris from the fallopian tube to clear the blockage. This increases the chances of fertility. 

6. Improves cognitive functioning

A patient with a low haemoglobin count in the body should consume poppy seed to increase red blood cells because of the high amount of iron in the seeds, making it a natural purifier of blood. An adequate amount of red blood cells and a good supply of oxygen to the brain enhance cognitive functioning and monitor neurotransmitters’ production. Poppy seeds are thus one of the brain foods that assist you to concentrate and decrease the risk of problems like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

7. Assists to digest food

As poppy seeds have a lot of fibre, they promote digestion and heighten the nutrient absorption from the food. Poppy Seed consumption also lets food pass through easily via the alimentary canal.

8. Monitors blood pressure

Oleic acid present in poppy seeds aids to normalize the levels of blood pressure and keeps it under check. A person may have high or low blood pressure conditions, the function of poppy seeds remains the same. As the seeds aid in heart functioning, it decreases the chances of cardiac anomalies, such as heart blockage, heart attack, stroke, etc.

9. Protects from ulcers

Whether it is peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, mouth ulcer, canker sores or other such types of issues, one can rely on the consumption of poppy seeds to cure these problems. If a person is wounded, the bioactive compounds in the seeds facilitate tissues to regenerate and wounds to heal.

10. Treats pain as an analgesic

Like ulcers, poppy seeds have properties that relieve pain. The use of poppy seeds’ analgesic features goes back to the ancient times when medical practitioners comforted their patients with these seeds. Some practitioners suggest patients consume tea mixed with poppy seeds to bring down the pain. However, compared to the other varieties, the ability to relieve pain is considerably high in the Opium variety.

These nutty seeds come with a distinct flavour and aroma and are mostly used as condiments. Packed with dietary fibres, carbohydrates, essential minerals and more, they treat a number of ailments. Whether consumed as poppy seed filling to enhance taste in food or mixed with tea to treat insomnia, the seeds are great to have either way.