Find Out What Budget Savvy Diva’s Biggest Pet Peeve Is

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I snapped this while leaving the store today ( I went in quickly for some milk)

That is my red little Versa there 😉

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone decides to park right next to you in an empty parking lot.

What is YOUR biggest pet peeve?


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  • Javier

    When people drive with their handicap sticker hanging from the rearview mirror in their cars when that sticker specifically says not to drive while having it hanging. To remove it.

    Urgghh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rene Garcia

    My biggest pet peeve is when drivers don’t use their turn signal! I don’t let people in when I know they want to merge, until they figure out that maybe they should turn on their turn signal. It’s like saying “Please”

  • Courtney

    People who park over the lines/park so close that you can’t hardly open your car door/ or people that are waiting for someone to come out of a store or apartment (in a lot that has parking spaces open) that decides to wait in their car behind yours. The later usually happens when your in a rush to go somewhere.

  • Jennifer B

    OMG the parking thing drives me insane! Hubby & I have a big truck and so we purposely park far away from everyone else for that reason! Our inside joke is that we must have some invisible (to us) sticker all over our truck that says “park here”!! Because every time we park and come out of the store or restaurant we have that exact same thing happen to us! Even in an empty parking lot!!! It’s so beyond frustrating!! Makes you wonder what people are thinking???

    • Jacquelyn Reynolds

      I agree I have an Excursion so I also park way out and it’s crazy. My Hubby makes fun of me sometimes because of the way I park. But trying to get my lil ones in and out of the truck with another vehicle right next to it and trying not to bump it….especially my infant. Maybe a sticker on either side will help them “NO PARKING” LOL

  • R

    Back when I used to drive that always weirded me out too. My biggest pet peeve is when somebody takes out the trash, but fails to put a new bag in the trash can/starts throwing trash in it. If you’re going to bag the trash to toss it anyway, why would you not put a bag in there?! That way you don’t have to scrape nasty trash out of the bottom of the can!

  • Kelly Bowden

    I have so many it’s hard to choose! One is when people walk out in front of you at the grocery store and just waddle along and don’t even try to get out of the way, speed up or nothing!

  • Ashley

    My husband was just talking about that when we came home from work today. Someone parked right next to me in our apartment parking lot and the rest of it was empty. Ugh!

  • Amy Bennett

    I agree with Renee! I can’t STAND when people don’t use their turn signals. You paid for them when you bought the car so use them!! Also, I hate when You are at a 4 way light and you get the green turn signal to to turn left and then someone who was waiting in the line across from you tries to make their right hand turn (without a light) while you are turning using your light. UGH!!!

  • sacha

    I work in retail so I have a lot lol! People who will open a box to look at an item put that box back and take the one behind that is closed! If u opening it and want it then buy the damn one you opened!

  • Rhonda Banner

    I don’t drive, and never have, but I must say my biggest pet peeve is when people don’t use their turn signals. I’ll be standing, waiting to cross the road/highway, and people will wait till they’re right up to where they want to turn before turning their blinker on…if at all!

  • Erica

    I have quite a few of them actually!
    -When people leave their toothpaste residue in the sink.
    -When people put back empty ice trays in the freezer.
    -When people text you with “K”.
    -When my boyfriend calls me to tell me he’ll be home in 5. (Uh ok…ill see you in 5).

    The list goes on and on…I may add some later!

  • Amber D

    I agree too! I also hate (well it’s a safety thing) when people don’t have their children in some sort of seat when they are too small for just a seat belt!!! Oh and i have more so i’m going to list them! 🙂
    1. hate when couples sit on the same side of the booth when there is no one on the other side.
    2. When people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom!! ewww
    3. When people chew with their mouth open!
    4.The creepers at red lights. You know, those people that start inching forward in their cars…slowly…until the light turns green.
    5. People who leave the door open when they go to the bathroom.
    6. People who leave shopping carts in the parking lot instead of taking them back to the corral.
    7. When people go in the out and out the in!!!
    8.I hate when tall people sit in front of you in a theater when they can clearly see you are short!
    That’s just a few!! lol 🙂

  • cj

    i hate public restrooms with door handles ..or the ones u have to pull in to get out.. u wash ur hands and then get the germs from everyone else that didnt wash their hands… reason i carry hand sanitizer

    also im on oxygen 24/7 and park in handicap parking.. get in the eating place and they take u to the back of the room to seat u

    and last people who borrow handicap stickers so they can park close… use a space some one might really need