Budget Savvy Diva’s Mail is Destroyed Again

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The mail service really does not like this Budget Savvy Diva. It seems lately that more and more pieces of my mail are arriving in a baggie.

The freebie was from the following post – which is no longer live

FREE Schick Hydro Silk Razor

The box sadly is empty – who knows where my razor is now.

Has this ever happened to you?


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  • Wendy

    Yep–damaged, opened, stuff missing. It almost makes you wonder if someone along the line realizes you are getting all these freebies and decides to make off with some of it for themselves. Ever notice how it always seems to be the good stuff that gets damaged, too, and not the junk mail 🙁

  • Brittanie P

    Actually this happened with the exact same freebie only my razor was inside it. The boxed looked as if it was opened and then they re-taped it and put a label saying it had been “resealed” I wonder if you wouldn’t have such a hard time if you got a p.o. box? or possibly sent the freebies to a family members house? Sorry that your having trouble


    Too many times to count! There are some postal workers out there who can’t get their own freebies and who love to take ours… illegally! SMH


    yes it has happen to me it also happen to me when i sented my neice a 50.00 gift card the card came back in a plastic bag torned and the gc gone

  • Lacey W.

    I’ve been having the exact same problem with all of my samples, when I received that razor in the mail I’m LUCKY it was still in there bc the box was halfway torn!

  • JLLopez1006

    Funny that you mention it, as I just got the same freebie today, and I noticed that the ends were taped up with clear tape. I do not know if the company did that or the USPS (mine did not arrive in a bag or with any note), but maybe the box is not really sufficient, and it is more of a company issue that they will need to address in the future. May be worth mentioning to Schick if you hear of other similar situations.

  • lisa Middlebrooks

    The boxes they were mailed in were awful. By the time they actually get to your mail carrier the end flaps are open and most of the freebies are gone. Your freebie has been through many trucks,machines,and hands. But if it comes to your carrier with a legible address we have to deliver it. I have delivered just covers of magazines. Your carrier is usually not the problem…notice I said usually.

  • Elizabeth

    YES!!!! This has happened to my All You magazine!!!! All I got was the cover page in a bag that said “because we care”!!!!! WHATEVER!!! If you cared I would of gotten my whole magazine!!!! I was so mad!!!!

  • Lee Ann Kaplan

    Urgh it makes me so mad!!!! We got Christmas presents that the boxes were completly destroyed and then taped up with postal tap. and there was two day shipping on a package my dad sent up and we didnt get it for 9 days! after he paid 40 bucks to ship it!!!! The box was all tore up and i had to call my dad to make sure everyting was still in the package! If they hadnt have bagged up all the small stuff together before putting it in te box, it would have been a bad day 🙁

  • Theresa White-Patterson

    I signed up for one for my daughter….while I was visiting her this weekend she got her package….it was too opened but resealed. I am just wondering if someone is tampering with the packages in the postal department? Could you ask if anyone else had this issue?
    Thanks Theresa P

  • nancy-b in Katy,Tx

    yup. several times. some of it IS the USPS fault and some is the senders…. i really dislike getting things i PAID FOR without the stuff in the package… and then the seller is claiming it was shipped…. but the package is open…. sigh/

  • Stacie S

    I have other complaints about the postal service (like them losing pretty much all the invitations for my wedding reception in AZ last year – nobody got an invite and I had SO much food leftover..it was terrible) anyways, back to the topic at hand, well, the item at hand, I got my razor just fine. Im so sad yours didnt get to you!

  • Maggie Navarro-Bowring

    In the past 2 weeks I have received 3 pkgs that have been either torn and retaped, or opened and not resealed and no letter from the USPS! Not happy, especially since you cannot tell what if anything is missing unless it’s empty! I know it is not my carrier, but I do think it is coming from the USPS distribution center which makes me wonder why are they opening mail that is not theirs, isn’t this a federal offense?

  • geri

    lots of my freebies don;t seem to arrive, or arrive damaged or with some of the contents missing. thought it was just me-because since our mailman retired, my mail is going all OVER the place. notifying post office does no good.

  • allie

    I would file a complaint stat. It looks like someone is stealing your mail. I have never had any package arrive missing items or damaged. I would not continue to let this slide.

  • Allison Lancaster

    So far *knock on wood*, i haven’t had any major problems with receiving freebies in good shape. I received the razor a few weeks ago and it was in great condition, box and all. Sorry you all are having problems, hopefully something can be done about it, so it won’t continue to happen.

    My boyfriend use to have a lot of issues receiving mail. One was a men’s razor through Smiley360 and the post office didn’t know where it was for a while and then all of a sudden the mail carrier found it out of nowhere… kinda suspicious if you ask me. Oh and he ordered something a few years ago and never received it, luckily the company sent a new item, but it was really strange that he never got the first one. He thinks that someone stole it because the mail carrier would just leave stuff outside of his apartment door (downtown on a sidewalk) if the item wouldn’t fit in the mail box slot on the door.

  • Susan S

    My box arrived open too, but I too was lucky enough razor was still inside. I have lots of issues with my address, I think my neighbor gets a lot of my mail and I never see it :/ , we are #3 and my neighbor is #30, long story, but for some reason our address gets changed to #30 on our mail and we don’t have a regular delivery person, it varies… Stinks! Who knows how many freebies or coupons I do not receive!

  • Tammy

    get most of my freebies ok. sometimes I order things from ebay & it says delivered on the computer but I never see it. I know that is the post office. Makes me so mad.

  • Lisa

    Myself and my neighbors have decided our mail person shops from what we have delivered. This happens with our free items and ordered items, Christmas season seems to be a favorite time.

  • Frances N

    My razor box was mangled, but it had my razor in it so I guess I can’t really complain. I live in OH maybe it was bad boxes or something

  • Charlotte

    I would definitely take a picture of every piece of mail you receive like this. Who’s to say they aren’t stealing you stuff? They could be damaging them, and then putting this message to you. I would just keep count of it. I don’t receive mail like this, but I never receive half of my mail. I really think somewhere, someone is stealing most of it! I was suppose to receive coupons for a local restaurant, and they said they have problems with people stealing the coupons because their not “discreet” enough. It sucks you didn’t get your razor. The hydro is definitely worth buying!

  • Karolina Cunneely

    I’m sorry that your mail’s been destroyed (again). My box came open (though the razor was still inside). I agree with Charlotte…definitely keep a record of destroyed mail.

  • Dawn

    so far, knock on wood, all of my packages have arrived intact. NOW if there are any that are damaged, maybe they just never show up so I dont know about them- lol….