Brag Worthy Shopping Trip – 50% Savings at Kroger

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Thanks! Reader Brittany

This is what she wrote

I bought all of these things from my local Dillon’s (Kroger).


Tide 50oz $4.99

-Loaded a $2.50 off coupon to my Plus Card(:

Snuggle 32 loads $3.99

-Used $.50 coupon that doubled to $1

Febreze Car freshener $2.99

-Used $1 off coupon

Nature Valley protein bars (5 count) $2.99

-Used $.50 off coupon that doubled to $1

Ocean Spray snacks $2.29

Used $.50 off coupon that doubled to $1

Colgate toothpaste (6.4 oz) $1

Used $.75 off coupon that doubled to $1

2 Silk  soymilk (chocolate & very vanilla) (single serve, 8oz) $1.05 each

Used $.55 off couopn that doubled to $1

Coffee Mate natural bliss creamer $2.59

Used $.55 off coupon that doubled to $1

Reach dental floss $1

Used $1 off coupon

And this last item i wasn’t planning on buying, but i saw the clearance tag on it and knew i had a coupon!

It is the Kraft Phileadelphia Cooking Creme in Savory Garlic for $1.19! The coupon I used is from the 2/26 Smart Source.

It was for $.55 off cooking creme (no size restrictions) and the coupon doubled to $1 making this only $.19!!

There were others in the store, but only the garlic was on clearance because it expires on the 9th, but it should hopefully freeze good!

Before: $25.13

After: $12.63

Saved: $12.50 (50% savings!)