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So if you follow Budget Savvy Diva on Facebook then you would know that I LOVE shopping at the 99 cent store – usually spending more then I intend to. It got me to thinking what are deals and what are busts at your local discount store. So I decide to put together a post what are smart buys and what should you avoid – any input is awesome πŸ™‚ Enjoy!


Party Supplies: I went to the 99 cent store for my bridal showers goodies β™₯ For instance, foil balloons easily run from $3 to $8 a pop at party-supply stores, gift shops and supermarkets. But you can get them for $1 each. πŸ™‚

Clean Supplies: I have been buying cleaning supplies for years from the .99 cent store – though some of the names are pretty funny like ( piney sol ) but still a pretty awesome deal. For everyday cleaning, they should do the trick. You can also get a good deal on rubber gloves, sponges, and scrub brushes too.

Greeting Cards: I have in the past scored some pretty good greeting cards – I always like to have some Happy B-days and Thank You cards on hand – it is much better to pay the high amount for Hallmark. Greeting cards are nice, but are they really worth $4? We think it’s the thought or sentiment that counts, not what you spend.

Seasonal or holiday items: I have been getting seasonal items from the .99 cent store for years – I make sure to try and treat them well so I can use them year after year β™₯ Whether you need to stuff Easter baskets or Valentine’s day boxes, or you simply want to deck the halls for your favorite holiday, you might save a few bucks at the dollar store. But be careful there are some items that well….look cheap.

Pregnancy Test: Well I have not personally bought myself this product – but I know the price point at your local drug stores. Babies are expensive from the very beginning. The cheapest pregnancy test at Budget Savvy Diva’s local Walgreens cost $8. But you can get one at the dollar store for a buck. Both are 99% effective, both test for hormone levels with similar sensitivity.

Gift Wrapping Supplies – You do have to be careful on how may square feet of wrapping paper – I personally use newspaper for wrapping paper – I mean it is going to be throw away anyways πŸ™‚ Gift bags cost up to $5 at other stores, depending on size. But at the dollar store, all sizes are $1. Budget Savvy Diva found huge savings on tissue paper, up to 75% off prices elsewhere. And don’t forget the Scotch tape!

Cooking : Budget Savvy Diva has found spoons, spatulas, cheese graters, ice cream scoops and more at the dollar store for 50% to 90% off the prices at Target and Walmart. We also spotted wine glasses, dining plates and flatware for less.

Refrigerator Goodies: Now I do not know if this is across the board but I almost find eggs and expensive yogurts at the 99 cent store –


Vitamins – This one is pretty clear. Though the price might seem like a steal – dollar-store multi-vitamins didn’t always have the amount of nutrients claimed on the label.

Basic School Supplies – Though a dollar might not seem to bad – things like crayons or paper is much cheaper during the back to school sales at other stores. So think ahead during August – September and determine what you will need for the whole school year and not simply for the beginning.


Consumer Reports warns that aspirin and other medications may be left on the shelf past their expiration dates. It also points out that some labels may not say where the medicine was manufactured.


Yes I know that $1.00 might seem a good deal for toys – but the quality of them – well is sub par at best. Baby toys should generally be avoided because they will go directly into the mouth, and dollar-store toys may have unsafe levels of lead and phthalates.

Canned food and other pantry items

I can almost always get a better deal without a coupon at another store – I mean .99 cents for a can of green beans – pshhh no way! Dollar-store cake and brownie mixes come in smaller packages so watch the unit price – also check the date on these items – expired goods are no good πŸ™

Batteries –

If you ever bought batteries from the dollar store you will notice that they do not last as long. Plus some of the electronics are mis – marked and could be unsafe.



So have fun shopping πŸ™‚ I hope you were able to get some helpful hints and tips to buy better at the dollar store πŸ™‚




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  • Tania

    I buy construction paper for the kids at the dollar store. Mine has playskool brand and crayola brand, nice quality and way cheaper than Target, Walmart, or Meijers. I also buy coloring books & work books.

  • Dawn

    The best is when you find name brands at the dollar store. I love that. Unless, as you said, its items like canned goods you can get cheaper elsewhere.
    Also you have to make sure it is the brand and not a knock-off. πŸ™‚

  • Pamela Fife

    Thanks, I think many of us need a reminder of this. I know the dollar store is my favorite place to get some things, but I also need to remember to avoid some and really pay attention to what is a deal.

    Thanks again for everything you post. You are one of the first places I look when I open facebook and I really appreciate the time you put into all you do.

  • terri

    i have to say the best batteries i have ever bought are at dollar general. the blue & yellow ones are great! maybe it’s just my luck but i won’t buy any other brand now. a while back the local consumer reporter did a battery test & the dollar general blue & yellows tested the best. i don’t know if she was going off of consumer reports or not, she redid a lot of their tests.

    • Shari

      As long as you buy the ALKALINE batteries and not the heavy duty or super heavy duty the batteries last just as long as Duracell.

  • Julie

    The best thing I have ever purchased at a dollar store is a travel coffee mug! It has a twist top cover, is a sturdy plastic, and has a rubber grip on it incase it is hot. It has sure got its use…
    Although, I try to not bring the kids with there. They always want toys and like you said… They are not a good quality.

  • Linda Flores

    I would’ve included some of their candy. My dollar store sells bags of Charms Blow Pops (and tons of other good candy) for a dollar & they sell these cute boxes of fortune cookies too. Oh, and makeup. I have some foundation I bought at my local dollar store and it works great. We don’t own any pets, but our store has cute toys, leashes, and bowls for dogs.

    • Stephanie

      I’ve gotten candy and even some of the cookies for my daughter’s snack for school in kindergarten. Hair dye gave the desired results, for me anyway. And I HAVE gotten the occasional toy for my kids, but they are older and they do take care of them, for the most part. Also, activity books and such as well. I can get an activity book for $1 there, when it costs over $3 for a comparable one elsewhere.

  • Susan

    I have always found the big poster board and colored markers at the dollar store. The markers may not last as long as the ones from other stores but, when your child tells you they need these things the night before they are due, the dollar store is great!!

  • Kelly

    Regarding the foil balloons-some of the dollar stores around here charge a dollar for the balloon, then an additional 50 cents to put helium in the balloon! Needless to say, I put the balloons back and went to a different dollar store. One of my dogs rips apart all the toys, so I learned really fast to only buy his stuffed toys at the dollar store, then I’ve even sewn them back together after he rips the ears or eyes off of them, which he does as soon as you give him the toy. Poor guy, he’s not allowed to play with Petco toys lol.

    • Edie

      We’ve never paid more than $0.50 for a dog toy, and we usually get old kid toys from garage sales or something. We have a lot of dogs in the house, and their favorite thing to do as soon as they get new toys is to rip the eyes out, then start working on the limbs. It’s kind of hilarious seeing little stuffed arms and legs laying around, and the occasional toy head with the stuffing falling out, but gotta keep an eye on them when they’re chewing the plastic eyes out to make sure they don’t eat them. πŸ™‚

      But our dogs don’t seem to mind that their toys didn’t cost 10 dollars, I’m sure yours doesn’t either! πŸ™‚

  • Lisa Gary

    I buy what little bit of bread we use at our Dollar Tree – never had any problem with it being stale. This past Christmas found a $30.00 hard back book my brother-in-law had wanted – perfect condition.

  • Holli

    I went to Dollar Tree for a pregnancy test 7 years ago. I figured I’d give it a whirl since it was only $1. They work! I used Dollar Tree ones to find out for both my kids. After I had my 1st daughter I was browsing the Dollar Tree and was super excited when I found Gerber jarred baby food. I think it was a 6 or 8 pack for $1. I almost bought them out.

    • Tiffany

      actually walmart has pretty cheap spices. i pay a dollar or less for pretty much all of them that we use. i think they’ve recently gone up, but onion and garlic powder are still under a dollar.

    • Kim

      I tried the $1 pregnancy and then tried the 1st Response pregnancy test at the same time and they both tested with the correct response each time I had to do a pregnancy test!

  • Sarah

    I have to say that I’m a big supporter of the dollar store pregnancy tests. After going through 2 cycles of IVF and peeing on endless EXPENSIVE pregnancy tests, my husband and I stopped “trying” and I stocked up on the cheapies. About 6 months later, my dollar store test gave me some pretty awesome news! …and my husband sent me to the grocery store to get a “good, really expensive” pregnancy test, which gave me the same wonderful results. Way to go, Dollar Store!

  • San Diego Deals and Steals

    I LOVE the 99 cents store! we buy ‘natures own’ bread there – normally $3 – $4 at the grocery store! I also have bought ‘Littlest Pet Shop’ toys there – normally around $4 – $5 – I buy a bunch and use them for little girl’s bday parties and for nieces for christmas! I have also found ORGANIC milk and produce there! NO JOKE! I have friends that think it is crazy to shop at the 99 cents store – i think it is crazy not to!

  • Ashley

    I love the dollar store! I’ve been pregnant 7 times (I only have three children) and have used a combination of high priced and dollar store tests. The dollar store test have never given me a false positive but the brand name ones have on several occasions! I buy my children’s tear free shapoo from there, along with the multi pack of toothbrushes, spices, wine glasses, cooking gadgets and ALL my party supplies!

  • Cherie

    Last week, I found Angel Soft 2-ply toilet tissue, 4 rolls for $1.00. That is .25 per roll, lower than I have ever bought with coupons. Love that deal.

  • Rebecca

    The $1.00 pregnancy tests at the Dollar General are just as good as the high price tests at Wal-Mart, pharmacies, etc. They are ultra sensitive, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter at 2-3 weeks gestation; she was just an embryonic sac on an ultrasound.
    I also stocked up on Triaminic branded acetaminophen at the Dollar Tree, it was a steal at a dollar a bottle!!!

  • Brandy

    I HAVE used the pregnancy test from the Dollar Store and they worked great! I would NEVER spend $10 at other stores! If you have ever TRIED for months to get preggo you know it can get spendy taking all those tests, but at only $1 I didn’t feel bad taking so many!

  • Trisha

    I also LOVE the dollar store and have bought the pregnancy tests there…they are DEFINITELY ok and they work. They told me when I was pregnant with my twins! I also buy my baby powder there along with toothbrushes, spices, envelopes, travel mugs, and plastic containers. Oh- and my deodorant is also sold at select stores…cheaper than Wal-Mart even!!

    I would have to agree with the toys!

  • CindiOlleyWilder

    I would like to add to the great suggestions by reminding everyone to watch the expiration dates on any food items.
    Sometimes if a deal sounds too good to be true, it may be.

    Spices I purchase at my local grocery store for 2/$1.00 when on sale. Spices lose their potiency within a years time.

    I like to buy gift bags, small gifts, balloons, trash bags, dishes and kitchen utensils, coffee mugs, plastic bins, household cleaners, hand towels and pot holders all at the dollar store. Also can usually find good craft items for kids. there. If you are doing a baby shower, bridal shower, childrens birthday then this would be the place to look for some great deals including the plastic silverware.

    • Marie S.

      This is true on the spices and food dates. I buy very few food items at my Dollar Tree. You may also want to check the package to make sure the products are manufactured in the USA. A lot of the food and medicines at the dollar store are not manufactured in the USA (Even the big brand names you would think are) and other countries are not held to the same safety standards that our manufacturing facilities are. (think back to the formula scare from China if I remember right). But there are lots of good deals there. I get most of my greeting cards there for 2 for $1…

  • Mariah

    Our has hardcover books for $1, and not just lame books you’ve never heard of or just financial books no one wants to buy! I also get a lot of pet toys there, my dog destroys his toys so its less of a hit if they only cost a dollar.

    • Sarah

      I have bought several really good books at my Dollar Tree too. I’ve bought 2 books by Jenny McCarthy that are awesome!

  • RB

    Around where I live there aren’t really $1 stores, rather the “dollar stores” are discount stores that sell cheap stuff generally in the $0.50-$10 range. So bearing in mind that some of these things might be more than a dollar flat, but are still cheaper than what you might find at another big box store, I have found great deals on…

    Great buys:

    -Disposable party-ware. Not just balloons/cards/wrapping paper, but also novelty paper plates, disposable trays and cutlery, banners etc.
    -Nail polish. A lot of the dollar stores around here sell L.A. Colors, which is a decent nail polish that comes in all kinds of crazy bright colors.
    -Fun little decor items. In the $1-$5 range I’ve found cute things like ceramic soap dishes/dispensers shaped like animals, novelty shower curtain rings. funny bathmats, colorful picture frames, decorative kitchen timers (i.e. shaped like a pear or apple,) aprons, etc.
    -Toilet brushes. Unless you want to have a fancy one that matches a bathroom set, why pay more than a couple bucks for something you clean your toilet with?
    -Hairbrushes, hair elastics etc. Unless you want a special type of styling brush, these are A-OK


    -Underwear. Unless you know the brand. All of my attempts to try dollar store underwear have yielded uncomfortable results. Socks are usually OK though!
    -Sheets: A $10 set of sheets may seem tempting, but more often than not they are tissue-thin and have that weird cheap fabric smell.

    My most unusual dollar store purchase recently was an electric blue USB roll-up portable computer keyboard for $4.95. Your local results may vary of course. πŸ™‚

  • asha marie pena

    I so miss the 99cents only store, and can not wait to get back to Arizona. I love getting my veggies, some frozen and refrigerator items for only 99 cents. As well as getting name brand bread that is fresh.

  • Linda White

    The only thing I have found wrong with buying spices at Dollar Tee is the potency is not as good. Had to use more paprika with theirs than I normally would with other brands. But that’s ok because it is a larger bottle! Two of my three daughters have used Dollar Tree for wedding supplies. We bought Libbey brand glass square containers and used them for candle centerpieces. They even had craft ideas on how to make them on their website! Everyone loved them! You just have to watch closely to get a good bargain, not everything is.

    • Sara

      I have to disagree with you on the bleach. I thought the same thing until my dad was building a house and was bleaching the wood. The cheap bleach did nothing at all. Clorox bleach worked like a charm.

      Clothes might not be a big difference, though.

    • Trish

      I make my own cleaning supplies using doterra oil which is all natural. I would never use clorox, lysol, or any of the other items which are not natural. You can also use baking soda, and vinegar. So many ways to clean and keep the horrible stuff out of your home.

  • Kelly Z

    I buy all the kids toothbrushes from the Dollar Store. Anytime we go on vacation, I buy 2 six packs of toothbrushes for $2 (we have 9 people in our family).

    Our dollar store has 2 and 3 packs of chapstick, and since I have never met anybody who has finished a tube of chapstick before losing it, I try to stock up!

  • Lori

    I love, love, love the dollar store (esp. Dollar Tree). I shop there all the time for many of our basic household items. I also am a crafter and find supplies there on occasion too. Their pregnancy tests informed me of both my children πŸ™‚ one was less than 2 weeks gestation and it was sensative enough to pick it up. I also bought most of my decorations and favor supplies for my wedding there and got several compliments on them.

    Ours has a nice selection of frozen and refrigerated food items. I get french toast bites for my kiddos all the time there, and bags of frozen fruit. I also get smoked polish sausage there for 1.00 that our family loves! I have also found name brand items such as, Wheat Thins, GM fruitsnacks (8pks), Pedicare, Keebler, Wheaties fuel cereal (full sized boxes!).

    I also love to buy my kids summer clothes there because they are super light weight and perfect for summer. Last week I was

  • Tracie

    Yeah I see people walking out of the dollar store with their carts full of stuff they can get cheaper on sale at shoprite or something.. Lets say.. papertowels for instance.. you can almost never get a good paper towel at a dollar store. and if youre paying a dollar for a roll or even a double pack, the store brands are the same and better quality

  • Amanda

    I bought an 8 pack of batteries at the local dollar tree for, well, $1. Haha. I have used only one from the pack since I bought them. Granted, they are for my computer mouse, but still. haha

  • Felisa

    I have bought baby toys for my pet rabbit. My rabbit loves to nibble on the baby keys and baby rattles, but it is WAY cheaper than buying rabbit toys or baby toys in a store. I really don’t care about the quality since she is just going to bite it and destroy it anyway. I have also bought craft items at the dollar store, like wood picture frames, clay piggy banks with paints, sand art and other things like that. I have found it can be cheaper than a craft store.

  • Mufasa

    Hi! I loved all your tips except for one.

    Just a quick note on the cooking supply section – it is actually a really bad idea to buy cheap spatulas/pots/cookingware etc as they can melt and flake off into your food, flex, snap, break, and just plain not work. In all seriousness, cooking is dangerous and you should always use the proper tools to do so. Spare yourself injury and poison, and pay $5 for a quality spatula.

    • Mary S

      I bought Betty Crocker utensils my last trip to the Dollar Tree.Same ones at Walmart were in the 5 to6 $ range.I also buy their salsa and tortilla chips which are as good as the name brand.

      • Mufasa

        Sometimes they have the name brand ones and they are the exact same thing – in that case GO FOR IT! It’s the best feeling πŸ™‚ However if it’s of unknown origin and there is no info on heat tolerance etc then stay safe and go with a trusted brand!

    • Amanda

      I have to disagree on this one. I have quite a few cooking utensils I have purchased at the dollar store that have held up over the years better than some of the ones that are higher quality name brands. Items I use every day. Sure, there are some cheapy ones at dollar stores, but that is anywhere you shop. I am a bit of a foodie and all around kirchen “snob” when it comes to utensils, pots and pans, etc and I have passed up $10 oxo or kitchen aid spatulas that seemed too flimsy and purchased ones from the dollar store instead that actually have held up well.

  • Bri

    I have used the pregnancy tests from dollar tree and had issues with them. I buy them now on Amazon. You get 25 for like 3 bucks!
    I do buy all my decorating supplies and holiday at dollar tree!

  • Bobbi

    At my Dollar Tree here in MN, they have Marijuana drug testing kits, lol, thankfully I do not suspect having to buy one.

  • Meg Tucker

    Thanks BSD… This post was right on time and you are SOOOO right!! I am about to head out to my dollar store in a few minutes and it seems that lately I’ve been allowing myself to veer off track there and not paying attention (especially with those frickin’ canned goods,right?) Thanks again and here I go…….:)

  • Nicki

    The dollar store in my area has early editions of the sunday paper on saturdays for .50c with all the coupons and the ads! When there are good coupons I buy a couple papers for less than what they are on sunday.

  • Heather

    Thank you so much for the great list! I am a loyal dollar store shopper when it comes to buying my party supplies. I was a little disapointed the last time around though. I bought all of my stuff there- plastic table covers, plates, napkins etc.. and then ran to walmart. I went to take a glance at their selection to compare prices and I found a MUCH bigger selection of colors and patterns for $.97. I realize its not a big price difference but having more to choose from including patterned table covers is great. I will be going there first next time.

  • Renee

    I was told by my dentist not to purchase tooth paste from the dollar store. He told me that majority of the tooth paste is made in China (even though it says Colgate) He said that when the dollar store tooth paste is made in China it has extra fluoride in it because China doesn’t have fluoride in their water. The extra fluoride is bad for our teeth and health.

  • Katey B

    Dollar store pregnancy test told me 5 days after the intercourse that got me pregnant, I was still ‘ovulating’! I also purchased an ovulation predictor. πŸ™‚ I had my pregnancy confirmed by PP two days later! The nurse was shocked that I got a positive with my dates. My daughter measured on time & was born on her due date. If I ever TTC I will be heading to Dollar Tree!

  • Gina

    Rachael Ray did a piece on dollar store deals a few months back. Dining ware was another big one on her list – plates, glasses, etc. – can’t beat it for a buck!

  • Stephy G

    Here’s MY experience (and I think the cashiers at both local dollar stores knows my name.)

    The Good:

    ~ Party DECORATING supplies (streamers, tablecloths, helium balloons) are always a great deal, but when it comes to the coloured plastic or paper cups/plates, WMart usually has a higher count per package for less money (like eight pink napkins, plates or cups for $1, as opposed to twenty for $2.)

    ~ My local Dollar Tree has cards for 2/$1 and honestly, the birthday cards are freaking HILARIOUS. At the beginning of the year I put together a list of all my friends and family’s birthdays, go to DT and buy like, fifty cards for the year for $25 (WHOO HOO!) and fill them out and separate them into months. Once a month (usually on the eighth) I throw that month’s stack in the mail. I wouldn’t be able to do that paying $2.49 a card, or well, hey, even $1.

    ~ I get my frozen fruit from dollar stores for my smoothies. Sam’s Club (which was the cheapest) is about $2.98/lb if you buy a 3.5 lb bag during the cheapest season. I was getting 10 oz bags for $1…but I haven’t found them in a year. I still pray when I walk in the door, though!

    ~ Snacks like trail mixes, dried fruits and such are a pretty cheap buy. DT had the BEST chocolate covered popcorn and pretzels…the chocolate is extra smooth! But that’s really product-individual, cuz some of the dollar store generic brand snacks taste icky.

    ~ Their cleaning supplies ARE pretty awesome. Two “Magicy Sponges” for $1? YES PLEASE! And I stock up in hoards when it comes to Spic n Span.

    ~ Pregnancy tests are a good steal. I take one a month as a precaution. Everyone I know that grabs them has never had an issue.

    ~ Dog toys are a GREAT deal. My two poop factories chew things up in 6.5296 seconds, so it’s nice to buy a $1 rope instead of an $8 rope.


    ~ I do generally find “dollar store generic” brands to be super cheap. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve brought home like, baby wipes that shread or a food scale that is broken after one use. I’m often leary of this and try to go for a brand recognizable in another store.

    ~Dog treats/food are a total rip off (although sometimes I do find Marro-bone treats there.)

    ~ A lot of their water bottles leak. I hated the idea of spending $5 on a water bottle at WMart so I went to DT/$.99 Only and bought some of their bottles…and found that every single one of them leaked from the unsecure opening or the twist-close part. Especially not good when you drink nothing but red Crystal Light!

    ~ I found out that the deal I thought I was getting on food storage containers by Glad/Ziplock were NOT as good as WMart…2/$1 as opposed to 5/$2.25.

    ~ Their freezer/sandwich bags are AWFUL. I sometimes give in when I see them and I’m in “save as much money as humanly possible” mode. Now one of the drawers at work is filled with them.

    I think that’s everything for now. I just walked up and down the aisles in my head and great, now I need to hit up the Dollar Tree. =)

  • Carla

    To add to the pregnacy tests for those who are skeptical, i had always seen them at the dollar store but didn’t trust them. The first time i was pregnant i thought “i will buy one and see if now that i know i am pregnant it actually works”. So I was pregnant, took the test and it told me I was pregnant. With My second child, before I knew if I was pregnant instead of spending $15 to find out, I bought a dolllar store pregnancy test and sure enough, it told me I was pregnant. They work and for $1 it’s amazing!!!!

  • Mary

    I find the facial tissue is a good deal at the local dollar stores, much cheaper than the local grocery store and walmart and get a lot more in a box.

  • Kim

    As an avid Dollar Tree shopper….I can tell you that I love it! I’m a teacher, so the “teacher’s corner” stuff is great for back to school and for stocking up for prize day. The kids don’t know the difference if their stickers come from Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree, they just know they love them!
    Also, I buy my dog’s biscuits at the Dollar Tree because he’s a piggy and always begs when someone is ironing (mom started a bad habit there!) So he gets a third of a biscuit and the box lasts us forever. We’ve been blessed with a HUGE store now, they moved into our old Fashion Bug store (tear)…. but they have refrigerated goods including Red Baron mini pizzas (perfect for lunch), frozen berries, eggs, cheese, hot dogs, and everything in between. It’s pretty awesome.
    I even scoped out my new plates,cups,bowls…etc. there! I found a great link on Pinterest that has how to make monogrammed plates and I’ve already picked them out….just have yet to go pick them up!
    Thanks for the update though…it’s great to see and be reminded!!

  • Bette V

    I love Dollar Tree for all their teacher supplies. Their posters, borders and die cuts are great and at just $1 I can get a lot more. I also find a lot of counting and sorting items there for my math and science centers.

  • Ashley W

    I LOVE the dollar store for many things- Dog toys, coloring books, toothbrushes, sandwich bags, aluminum foil, plastic forks. It is always my first stop when planning a party!

  • kaylin

    The $ store hpts (home pregnancy tests) work great…..unless you are going through fertility treatments like myself (5 years) then bulk purchasing from the internet is your best bet. I can recommend a few websites (with budget savvy diva’s permission of course) to order the dip hpts and opks (ovulation predictor kits) if you find it’s going to take more then a cycle or two to get a bfp (big fat positive). BTW I did finally receive that elusive bfp and she is the greatest joy in my life hands down *:o) Love these posts on how to save money!!!!!!


    I love shopping at the dollar store also. Recently I started renovating my bedroom and I found some great ideas on Pinterest, using dollar store/dollar tree DYI decorations like painted vases, wall decorations, center pieces etc… I’m also starting a Homeless Ministry where I give out blessing bags to the needy and I will buy most of the toiletries – Toothbrush and toothpaste, Tylenol (individual packet of 2), Tissues, Antibacterial wipes, Bandages, Razor, Juice box, Peanuts, crackers and cheese, ect… from the dollar store. And last, I am planning my sisters baby shower and I will be using Pinterest’s ideas on how to use Dollar Store items to plan a baby shower. Love using great ideas while having fun and specially saving money!

  • Sasha

    I have no issues with both sandwich and gallon size bags! They work just as well as the generic at the grocery store. They are not as good as ziplock zipper bags but work well for me. They also have off brand crackers that I love! A cheese-it’s and a chicken in a biscuit. You’ve gotta be careful about toilet paper unless they happen to have a name brand. It’s just so thin you use more and it’s gone quick. The batteries rock! Also, I get Colgate toothpaste and its usually cheaper unless you have a killer coupon and its on sale at Safeway. I use all of their cleaners. They even have an at home marijuana test too! Foot powder is a must if you have a child that gets wet feet playing sports. The detergent is a no. I can always find a better deal elsewhere by shopping sales with coupons. Men’s speedstick! Cheep sunglasses for river days! Lose them or scratch them in the bottom of your bag and its fine! It’s only a buck!!

  • Angel W.

    Only annoying problems I found was white out pens that stopped within minutes and some Self-Adhesive Storage Hooks. When I tried to take the hooks off they peeled some paint off the wall. To avoid that I put a square of paper under the Self Adhesive Hook and taped the hook to the wall. Sometimes I hang computer wires on the wall so they are out of the way. I also hang my glasses on a hook. I bought fries from the dollar store those were good. Dish washing liquid and laundry detergent and have no complaints about those. The canned veggies over here are .79 cents. One complaint is the instant boxed Idaho mashed potatoes I got from one store may have had bugs in it….stuff was in the potatoes after they were cooked that I never added. I bought 3 plastic storage containers and filled them with salsa, picking up the container in the middle made the container collapse in my hand..But all in all I’d go to Dollar Tree again. Everyone was so nice there. I had questions and they answered them for me.

  • Elizabeth

    Dollar Tree and Dollar General can be great for some things, but my favorite is by far 99 Cents Only Stores! When I go to San Antonio, I take my big insulated bag to stock up on groceries. On my last visit, I scored lots of greek yogurt, almond milk, Genesis Today fruit juices, coconut water, flax seed, portabella mushrooms, gluten free cookie dough, spinach, strawberries, mangos, kiwi, and cherries for $1/ lb. (I always give produce a thorough vinegar wash before eating. A couple are labeled organic, though I wish I could afford all organic.) I hope one will open in Austin soon!!!

  • angel

    I absolutely love Dollar stores. They get random shipments of name-brand items that were overstock, you have to buy them up while you can because they won’t be there long and these shipments tend to be random and you might either never see the product or maybe a year later.
    The gift wrap/cards are amazing, the one i go to has name brand for one dollar, and a generic brand that is just as cute, 50 cents each. The packs of invitations, note cards, and an array of stationary items are a great deal.

    They also get the random overstock shipments of name brand cosmetics, like l’oreal eyeshadow duos for $1 and ‘Fingers’ decorated false nails and nail glue each a dollar. Those nails are at least five bucks at walmart.

    Last week i got some ‘Stride’ ID gum with the artwork on the package, three packs for a dollar.

    Cute little seasonal ceramics and decor are amazing for 1 dollar.

    Top selling items are also balloons as mentioned and also eyeglasses. They might be flimsy, but they are a top seller, similar looking ones cost at least six bucks at walmart and they all break kind of easily.

  • Cheryl

    I love my $1 store. They take manufacturer’s coupons too. Items like hefty ziplocs offer a smaller quantity box than the local grocery store but with my coupons the bags and many other items turn our to be totally free except to pay tax. So for me 5 boxes of free ziplocs is a much better deal than $1 off one larger box at the grocery. At the grocery store you can only use 1 coupon. My dollar store offers single color name brand eyeshadow and lipsticks with the same type savings.