6 Amazing Uses For Toothpicks

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6 Amazing Uses For Toothpicks

1) Mark That Steak – If many people in your party want their steak done differently. Simply use different colored toothpicks so you can keep track.

2) Marinade It The Easy Way – Stick a toothpick through cloves of garlic so you can easily remove the garlic when you go to cook and serve. Great way to infuse the flavor of garlic without too much intensity.

3) Microwave That Potato – Stick 4 toothpicks in one side and use them as legs. The potato will cook much faster because the microwave can heat the bottom.

4) Don’t Be Boiling Over Now – Stick a toothpick between the pot and cover when boiling water this will allow steam to come out thus no boiling over 😉

5) Keep Back That Dressing – Instead of removing the silver seal when you open a bottle of dressing simply poke holes using the toothpick. This will help you from overuse of the dressing thus keeping that waist smaller and make your dressing last longer.

6) No More Burns – When a candle become hard to light do not throw it away or burn your poor little fingers rather light a toothpick this will give your longer and more steady reach.