Budget Savvy Diva Reader Dressed Her Husband For A Wedding For $24.96

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Thank You Reader Jennifer For Sending Us This GREAT Deal You Snagged 😉

This is what she wrote

“I just wanted to share some great finds I got yesterday!  My husband
and I were invited to one of our friends Weddings.  Well my husband is
a Mechanic and does not own anything appropriate to wear to such an
occasion (I waited until the last possible minute to figure this out).
 So I decided I would start out at the Goodwill (this was actually a
great place to look!).  I picked up a Tie for 50cents, Dress Shirt for
$1.99, and Dress Shoes for $2.49 (All of these items looked like they
had barely even been worn)  Then I headed to Ross where I picked up a
pair of Calvin Klein Dress Socks $1.99, and Perry Ellis Belt for $9.99
(more than I wanted to pay).  Then I finished at Target and found a
pair of Merona Dress Pants on Clearance marked down to $8.00 from
$29.00!  My total came to $24.96!  I think my husband looked great and
my wallet did too…lol” 

Final Cost – $24.96