Budget Savvy Diva is Semi – Moving Today

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Well this is semi-moving day!

The last two weeks we have been living with my parents while we snagged an apartment and Eric got a job.  I will say that Watson will miss spending time at my parent’s house – he enjoyed spending time with my mom’s 15 year old dog Buttons.

Buttons never seemed to acknowledge Watson's existence.

We have slowly moved things over and today we are setting up everything like my desk above 🙂 Putting together the desk is Mr.Savvy’s job – if it was up to me I would most likely get frustrated and glue it together every which way and end up with a HUGE mess.

Below is Mr.Savvy getting ready to start putting the desk together

My task today is setting up the kitchen and my stockpile closet I am SO excited 🙂

Just waiting to be filled with goodies