Inexpensive Christmas Craft: Christmas Tree Button Ornament

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( photos and craft from Amazing

This is a perfect craft to do with the kiddies 🙂

What You Will Need

  • 1 piece green felt
  • 1 piece brown felt
  • buttons or beads ( I always have a jar on hand with buttons and beads I find for such an craft 😉 )
  • any printed tree and trunk pattern ( OR just draw on the felt )
  • glue
  • String
  • hole punch

What to Do

  1. Cut out a tree pattern, then trace it onto green felt with a felt tip marker. Do this twice  – you will have 2 trees 🙂
  2. Cut the tree trunk  – make sure there are 2
  3. Perfect job for the kids – Kids Glue the two trunks together. Glue the two tree pieces together – make sure the trunk is inserted between the green felt tree – you can glue the trunk in place
  4. Punch a hole in the top of the tree.
  5. Put the string through the whole and tie – you have a snazzy ornament now!
  6. Kids can place the buttons and beads on the tree – then you glue them.
  7. Enjoy!

Final Cost: $1.29! Not to shabby if you ask me