Inexpensive Christmas Craft: Frosted Candles – Cost $1.29!

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This is the first of a series of crafts I put together with Epsom Salt 🙂


Epsom Salt – I picked it up at the Dollar Tree – I ended up only using $.10 worth.

Candle – $1.00 – Dollar Tree

Mod Podge – Michael’s – It is basically a glue that dries clear. It ended up costing me $3.50 ( after 40% Coupon) – ended up using $.15 Worth

Tubberware – to put the epsom salt  in

Ribbon – Not Needed but makes the craft extra cute – remember you will need glue if you decided on adding ribbon.


What to Do:

1) Take the label off the candle and pour a small amount of epsom salt into your tubberware ( I used one that I could easily roll the candle in)

2) Paint the Mod Podge all over the candle – if you are adding ribbon do not add Mod Podge to that area.

3) Roll the candle in the Epsom Salt ( Perfect for the kiddies to do 😉 )

4) Let it dry for about an hour – add ribbon at this time if you want

5) Enjoy!

Below is a picture of my candle after a roll in the Epsom Salt

Isn’t that an awesome frosty looking candle!

I decided to add a red ribbon – It cost about $.04

Final Cost: $1.29! Not to shabby if you ask me