Panera Bread Tweets Budget Savvy Diva’s Recipe

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So something cool happened today.

As many of you know I post daily recipes, I try and keep them yummy and frugal and it seems like y’all seem to like them 🙂 I really want to thank you all for your support and love you  have given me concerning my recipes. I really love being able to share them with you and cannot wait to share more.

Because of my AMAZING readers my recipes have received more then  2 + million pins on Pinterest.  I wish I could give y’all a huge HUG!

One type of recipes that I focus on are Copy Cat Recipes from Restaurants.

I love eating out but I hate having to pay all that money so I started developing copy cat recipes at a young age.

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My latest copy cat recipe was Panera Bread’s Broccoli Cheese Soup

You can PIN IT as well

Now I should of realized what happened much earlier then I did. * Note to self make sure to check twitter more than once a day*

For some reason all these people were tweeting at me talking to me about the soup. I finally figured out the reason why

How cool is that ?!

I guess you can say that my copy cat recipe is Panera approved 😉

I have no idea how Panera saw my recipe but I think it is pretty cool.