Watson and Miss Piggy

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I have been asked countless times to show how Watson carries around Miss Piggy. Why I have not posted it before is because it is not pretty.

About 75% of time Watson will carry Miss Piggy and 25% I will place her on the bed or desk ( so on). He uses her hair as a way to move her around. I took a short video of this “hair technique”… Watson is many things but being coordinated is not one of them.

When he carries he around it is not like he is able to do it with ease… It is more like someone trying to dance with two left – feet.

BUT he does use his paws to place her where he wants. In the video you can see at the end Watson place his paw on her head – he does this to stabilize her so she will stay.

Thought I would throw that in as well 😉

Well Enjoy 🙂