Class Action Lawsuit Alert – Nutella

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** Class Action Lawsuit Alert **

Class Members have until July 5, 2012 to file a claim to receive up to $4 per jar of Nutella they purchased during the class period.


Why they are being sued – For Misleading Advertising — find out more in the link below

Find out all the information HERE

 I personally think that everything is fine in moderation — I personally have bought Nutella during this time period and I will NOT be participating in the lawsuit.

Please note that I am providing this information to help those affected by this situation and not for people to take advantage of it.


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  • Lauren

    I’m sorry, but the reason for this law suit is a bit ridiculous! All you have to do is read the stinking nutrition facts!

  • Katie Maynard

    I have been buying Nutella for years, grew up on it myself in Europe as a kid. Recently, watching the commercials for it, I totally get why the lawsuit is happening. I’ve compared the label to peanut butter and while the protein levels are great, the sugar is off the charts in comparison.

  • kt

    I love nutella – but I eat it as a treat. Anyone who has tasted the stuff must know that it’s not “healthy”, it’s a little too sweet for that. I bought 2 Costco-sized jars in the time period, but I’m not participating, because I would buy them again!!

  • Krista

    I looked at the lawsuit, but I don’t understand what they did wrong. Did they neglect to inform the consumer of information or was it false advertising? Just curious. I think people are too sue-happy!

    • Desiree Dubois

      They imply that it is a but healthier than say peanut butter. It suggest if you eat it with a whole grain waffle in the morning it was nutritious. Or rather healthy. Its like putting frosting on toast. Its good and its all natural but it is not something I would give my kids as a balanced bf.

  • Jill

    Ok thats not right. You have the freedom to turn the jar around and look at the lable. People are to sue happy now a days. Our family loves Nutella so much that we go thru a costco jar every week. Im really hoping this does not make the price pre jar go up.

  • Ann

    I’m glad they are being sued. Those ads where the mom is giving her kids a”wholesome” breakfast by spreading Nutella on whole grain toast mentions the hazelnuts, skim milk and “a touch of cocoa” but fails to mention that the first ingredient is SUGAR! Tastes delicious, but is the equivalent of smearing a candy bar on a piece of toast.

    • Edie

      Well I would hope any halfway intelligent person who’s buying something like that would take 2 whole seconds to look at the nutrition facts/ingredient list and figure it out themselves.

      This is not directed at you Ann, merely an extension of my comment, but I personally think anyone who is filing a claim with this is lazy, moronic and greedy. What a fun world we live in.

      • Stephy Sumner

        Edie, Not everyone reads the Nutrition label…How does that make some Lazy and Moronic?? The commercials are misleading…Saying it has all these health benifits when its JUST as bad as feeding your kids a candy bar for breakfast!

        • Alisha

          Ummmm it IS lazy not to read the label. It’s right there on the jar in your hand! Do you believe EVERYTHING you see on tv??? Do you think that when you see ads for other things and the people look happy, that buying that product will make YOU happy? Or more well-off, or closer to whatever is shown in the ad? People are greedy and lazy and sue-happy.

        • Amy

          Thank you Stephy, I personally had never tried it, nor my children. After seeing this commercial MANY times, i thought it sounded like a great addition to our breakfasts, as did my kids (who after seeing this commercial so much, started asking me to get it) So I purchased some, not even glancing at the nutri. label, (that was a lack in my judgement).I of course tasted it before my kids and with 1 taste knew it couldn’t be as healthy for you as they claimed, so after reading the label , yeah i was a little peeved that they brainwashed my kids into believeing it was healthy! But does this mean I’m going to sue them ? NO, that is just silly!!

  • nancy-b in Katy,Tx

    hmmm we buy a lot of Nutella–and although i did not agree with the healthy breakfast commercials i think as an ADULT i should read the labels and compare them to other choices i would give the kids…. in general on whole wheat toast or bagel Nutella IS a better choice healthwise as compared to Poptarts, many, if not most, sugar cereals. Now, you can’t compare Nutella on toast to eggs, sausage, toast and milk…. but in the fast paced world where moms are trying to get the kids to eat ANYTHING fast and get to the bus/car/etc you make allowances. Certainly has more protein than a poptart! So i will not be turning in papers for money because it is just wrong. Adults need to GROW UP and be responsible for the choices they make and stop blaming everything on ‘big bad’ corporate America and the government. Just sayin…. off soap box now.

  • Cyndy

    This lawsuit is a bit ridiculous. I’ve purchased Nutella in that time (and will continue to), but will not be participating. We use it as more of a treat.

  • annie

    i love nutella, grew up eating it in an italian household and over in italy when visiting relatives.
    it’s a treat, not something to over indulge in. just read the ingredients.

  • Sarah Sottosanti

    Really? Hi people give kids doughnuts for breakfast all the time and I don’t see Hostess being sued. False advertising? No! Creative thinking to get people to buy something just like every other company? YES!!! I buy healthy organic snacks for my kids all the time and I still read the labels. Just for the record I LOVE this stuff!!!

  • Lisa

    I think this law suit is stupid, come on everyone we are adults who know how to read a label. It called having some common sense to know when too much of something should be control. Who ever may have a problem with the Nutella commercial, think for a second. Doesn’t the whole economy and big cooperate business all have to sell a product on commercial that will appeal to everyone. I love Nutella but I Eat it in moderation. ( as a treat)

  • Joyce

    Nutella rocks! But I would think it’s obvious to most that what makes it a big seller is not its nutritional benefits 🙂

  • Reese

    This is simply crazy and ohhh, yes, Benita – “Ridiculous” and “greedy” are also what came to my mind! Not reading labels is hogwash … Everything in moderation. I really do hope that the lawsuit will be threw out of the courtroom.

  • Michelle

    This lawsuit is as ridiculous as the lawsuit against McDonald’s for making people fat!!! NEWS FLASH people, no one has a gun to your head telling you to buy it. It’s up to you to look at labels and get nutritional information. No where in the commercial does it say that its healthy! She just says a wholesome breakfast when its on wholegrain toast. That doesn’t mean healthy. DUH!!! This lawsuit is down right pathetic. Nutella is awesome and I would buy it a million times over! I won’t participate in the lawsuit either. People need to GROW UP and realize that they need to take responsibility for what they put in their and their childrens’ mouths. Its not up to companies to babysit us and tell us to read the label. It’s just common sense. Sheesh……

  • heidi morgan…
    Honestly folks, it is time to take responsibility and stop trying to get rich quick. Unfathomable!

  • Lisa Williams

    O geez.. sounds like someone wanted to get some money. The funny thing is that because it is a class action suit and the settlement has to be spread around to everyone who opts in, which means what they’ll likely get is a coupon for or a check for an amount equivalent to… a jar of Nutella. I don’t see that Nutella did anything wrong. Peanut Butter brands make claims of being healthy or made with better materials than their competitors. No matter what the food or drink, overindulgence is unhealthy. Even too much water is unhealthy. I love Nutella and will not participate in this. They have proven themselves to me to be a great company that cares about their consumers.

  • Desiree Dubois

    This is so crazy! if you read it the max you will revive is $20. I’m all about the free but not this way. This is why we pay $4 for a gallon of milk and $6 for a jar of peanut butter. I am not judging anyone who decided to opt in but I choose to opt out.

  • Desiree Dubois

    I think some people need to remember that “all natural” and “organic” don’t mean healthy. Less chemicals yes but organic sugar is still sugar. I work for a grocery store and we have a good selection of organics and all natural but the cookies still have day and sugar in them. Promise. Lol

  • raquel W,

    I just read this:” Class Members can receive up to $4 per jar of Nutella that they purchased during the time periods listed above. Class Members who purchased multiple jars of Nutella during the time periods can submit a claim for up to five jars for a maximum award of $20 per household”

    wow four whole dollars! it is not even worth it! greedy people (lawyers most often) make up any excuse to extort money…..

  • Stephy Sumner

    Iv purchased this product and for the people saying WOW its just $20…$20 is alot of money to some households who dont have money to throw down the toilet of stuff, I purchased this product over five times in that time frame and ate it thinking I was doing something good for my body when actually I wasnt…The rudeness of some of the people here is SHOCKING to me….in my household $4 isnt something I can just throw away…every penny counts in my house…

    • Alisha

      If money is so tight in your household, why aren’t you reading labels on the foods you are buying to be sure you are feeding your family the best you can get for your money? That is a no-brainer. If you are not reading the labels on foods, it’s no one’s fault but YOUR OWN. People need to grow up and quit blaming other people for their own lack of responsibility.

      • Alisha

        By the way, money is EXTREMELY tight in our household too, and no, $20 or even $4 is nothing to throw down the toilet. It all comes down to being responsible for what you put in your shopping cart. And not blaming anyone (including the company that makes it) for you buying and consuming it.

    • Cee Love

      People who aren’t poor or haven’t been poor don’t understand how it is. I’ve been there and TBH Nutella was not affordable in my household , which is why we have never tried it… With hazelnut being my favorite flavor I am a bit sad about that.

  • Cindy

    Got to agree that adults should be reading the label, but the advertising was seriously misleading. I saw it and thought “on what planet?” but my kids immediately thought that it was fine and begged for the stuff on the grounds of “but it is healthy Mom. The advertisement said so.” It took a lot of explaining to get them to understand how you shouldn’t believe everything you hear on TV. Teachable moment in my household. They should be held accountable for their advertising, but it is a shame that the method for that is a class action suit.

  • Debi Holmbo

    I bought it during that time period and won’t participate either. I see greedy comments on other people trying to get the maximum $20.00. What did they expect to be in it…… just wrote Nutella on my grocery list. Have coupon, will double!

  • Susan Herrin

    I have purchased at least three jars of Nutella during this time period but will not put in a claim. This is for people who have nothing better to do than look for a way to get free money. To them… get off your butts and get a real job and quit trying to scam your way through life. I say “yea to Nutella and we will continue to buy your product.” Thank you for info.

  • Jakki Holderness

    Wow! This is absolutely ridiculous! I agree with just about everything everyone here has said. We ARE adults, it IS our responsibility to read the labels! Many companies don’t necessarily “lie” to sell their products, but the will sensationalize it to make the sell. This is just as stupid as the lady who sued McDonald’s years ago for burning her crotch with hot coffee from the drive through! My gosh, if you are not smart enough to KNOW that coffee is hot, and you STILL put it between your legs in a standard shift car, then that’s on you! It’s not McDonald’s fault you were too stupid to realize the coffee would be HOT! And it burns my butt that she actually WON that lawsuit! America has gotten too lawsuit happy! I will not be participating in this outlandish class action suit!

    • Jeanene Graves

      On the comment about the Hot Coffee lawsuit.. I was informed that McDonalds had apparently been warned may times to lower the heat levels on their coffee… they really Were keeping it too hot.. so maybe the lady got them to Finally realize that coffee doesn’t have to burn us to taste good.. just a thought

  • Nancy

    Are we so stupid that we can’t figure out that a spread that is sweet, and tastes like a CHOCOLATE BAR might NOT be the healthiest thing to eat 7 days a week? Seriously? I am just disgusted with people and their speed-judgement quick-to-sue mentality. TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY, people!

  • Kelly

    Wow, I have said “how on Earth is Nutella a healthy, wholesome alternative?” everytime I’ve seen that commercial! It is mighty delicious, but healthy? Boy, I wish! LOL

  • Stephanie F

    what a bunch of hooey! Since when can we believe everything we see on TV? Turn the jar around and read the nutritional information … and while you are at it, why dont you sue McDonalds for giving you HOT coffee?? stupid people…

  • Debra Barber

    Another stupid lawsuit!!!!!!!!!!!! Some People need a life!!!!! Everything is bad for you if you eat too much of it!!!!! Portion control!!! Red wine is good for you but if you drink too much– You get guess what!!! Its just COMMON SENSE!!! If you dont like it dont buy it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Audrey

    When people hear,” lawsuit” they tend to think of large amounts of money. I think thats why someone commented,”it’s only 20.00″. I have bought this product and won’t be participating either. It’s my responsibility as a consumer to check labels etc. I also have some candybars in my dresser thats the category Nutella falls in for me.

  • Al

    I don’t buy the stuff anyway but seeing a message that it’s healthy on a commercial may lead me to think its healthier than it is and I would probably start to crave it.

    Hello! The point is that it’s not peoples laziness or a moronic tendency to want to buy it. The point is that we have a culture that promotes junk food as primary food options. Do you think that *perhaps if we lived in a culture where it was easier, more accessible and cheaper to eat healthy and that if these images were advertised that we would eat differently? Public health is an issue here! We need to think bigger.

  • Crystal M

    Anybody who says that $4 is a lot of money is exactly who should be reading nutrition labels, me included. I try to get the most nutritional foods for my money so, by God, I’m reading everything that goes into my cart. Being broke is not a reason to put a claim in a lawsuit. Yeah, I do think it is lazy and moronic not to take responsibility for your families nutrition. In this day and age where information is a button click away, nobody should be able to claim ignorance on this type of thing. Corn growers are trying to tell us hfcs is the same as sugar even though all research says otherwise. Do I believe them because their commercial says its so. NO! I have a brain and know they are trying to sell their product. I am not going to sue them over it. Sheesh people if you claim this you shoud be ashamed of yourself. I know this will probably come across as judgmental but I really am tired of people not taking any personal responsibility.

  • jennifer kuchar

    This lawsuit is beyond stupid. If they show some eating 20 deep fried oreos and said it was nutrisious would u believe it and start serving it everyday?? Um, no didnt think so.

  • Denise Tremaine

    While I agree that parents need to be responsible and read the labels of the foods that they give their children, I do think that companies need to take responsibility for their advertisements as well. I watched the commercial and thought that Nutella had only 3 ingredients…and sugar was not mentioned. While I am not personally involved in the lawsuit, I, for one, am ready for companies to have to start being truthful in their advertising ~ not just Nutella, but across the board. It seems that we allow these ads to air, then once someone determines that it’s not accurate, we have lawsuits. If the companies had to maintain higher ethics and meet more stringent codes of truth-in-advertising, perhaps none of these types of lawsuits/rebates would be necessary.

  • Rachel

    I strongly believe that they should be held accountable for false advertising. Sure, adults should be reading the label, but plenty of kids automatically believe commercials and grow up thinking that it’s okay to eat “healthy” junk (like the organic cookies someone else mentioned). I wish they were being held accountable in some way besides through a class-action lawsuit, though.

    I do think that people try to sue for ridiculous reasons sometimes, but even the McDonald’s hot coffee suit was justified; if you read the story and not just the headline, that particular location (and some other McDonald’s) was serving coffee at a temperature way too high for human consumption – 190 degrees F instead of the typical 130 degrees. If a customer ends up with 3rd degree burns (requiring skin grafts) from something he/she purchased to consume immediately, the company should be held responsible. It’s too bad some news stations leave out key facts in stories, making all lawsuits seem more frivolous than they are.

  • Karin P

    There comes a time when we, as adults, have to take responsibility. We can’t blame the company if their product label reads “Sugar” and we are too lazy to spin the jar around and read it. Commercials are meant to capture our attention, but we still have to buy the product, hold it in our hands, and read the label.

    Besides, some Nutella spread on a piece of bread is probably much healthier than some of the crap we buy at fast food restaurants for breakfast. Just my opinion.

  • Tracey B

    My family loves Nutella and we will continue to buy it. People need to get over this suing for everything. Nothing is good when you over do it, even diet food. Eat in moderation people “MODERATION”

  • Roxane Ward

    I personally believe this suit is nonsense and see it as another way to encourage the “let’s sue to get something for free” attitude. I love Nutella and will not be participating in this suit. The Lord gave us a gift called “common sense”, let’s use it!

  • tina finney

    This is rediculous!! This suggests that ppl are too dumb to read the label.!! If they cared about health at all they would not take the words of a commercial as the only deciding factor of health. NEVER TAKE COMMERCIALS OR GOVERNMENT OPINIONS TO BE WHOLLY TRUE IN DECIDING WHAT IS HEALTHY.

  • Cee Love

    The POINT for this lawsuit is that they mislead you to BUY their product. Although majority of people may read nutrition labels at some point before consumption. I have NEVER is my 30 years EVER seen a person reading the label in the store and I have also have worked in a few big box stores. They deliberately enticed people to buy their product by insinuating it was healthier than peanut butter. If you have not seen ALL the commercials you should watch they are extremely misleading and honestly, this company deserved some kind of reprimand. Sadly it wasn’t the FDA or something or equal importance. It had to come as a lawsuit. IMHO if you eat the bull that the price rises because of this lawsuit and not just for GREED, well I have bridge.

  • Anastasia

    Wow! You see that stuff only in America. Suing company for being irresponsible adult that believes in just any media fairy tail. Uneducated people that need to go to college and take at least one media class where it will say DO NOT BELIEVE anything you see and read without proper research (which in this case just to turn damn Nutella and read the label) and just simple curiosity. I saw commercial, i am 23 years old and have no kids, enjoying it myself. But damn THANKS GOD i got a common sense for my age. As soon as i saw commercial and without looking on the label and tasting, i knew its not AS healthy as it said, nor its an everyday breakfast meal, more like a treat on a piece of toast or something, after the dinner. Only here in USA the thief will break into your house, break his leg, sue you and win the case (real case btw). (Don`t get me wrong i love USA, and thankfully a lot of Americans got a common sense, but suing cases are hilarious). But, unfortunately, cases like that make a lot of Europeans laugh and it really does look bad on the America and Americans in whole…

  • Emi

    Their are REASONS why we are allowed to sue! Mostly so these BIG CORPORATIONS, that are taking over, understand that if they want to OVERLOAD their product with JUNK and mix it in with something healthy (as a disguise) just to make a buck, then SUCKERS suffer the consequences. These big corps. don’t care about our health or well being!!!

  • dottie

    I love nutella, and i always knew it was sugary. I don’t see where the advertising was wrong per se, since pop tarts get to say they are a good breakfast for your kids and no one has sued kelloggs. Pop tarts may taste good, and they may have a bit of whole grain, but other than that they are all fat and sugar. I suppose the lawsuit will have to define “healthy”- does that mean less fat? less sugar? that hazenuts are superior to peanuts?

    Anyway, i agree that if you can read, you already should be able to figure out for yourself if nutella is something you want to buy. the advertising didn’t seem any more misleading than other processed foods that claim to be great for you.

  • tatiana

    Does it seem like there are quite a bit of these “class action settlements” going around lately? Don’t put your personal information on these **online settlement forms. If anyone is entitled to such funds, they’d mail them directly to the consumer.. Be smart people.

  • Denise B.

    This lawsuit is ridiculous. I’ve seen the commercial and see nothing in it where they were trying to promote it as some healthy wholesome product. People will sue for everything and anything these days.

  • Tim

    It all boils down to this – despite advertising, despite nutrition labels, despite your intentions, YOU are responsible for what YOU eat and what YOU feed YOUR family. Anyone who thinks Nutella is a nutritious product probably still thinks breakfast cereals are healthy.

  • Jenn

    When I saw their commercials, I did think the advertising was misleading. I think I even laughed. BUT I know it’s loaded with sugar. It’s right there on the nutrition label. Nutella shouldn’t have to pay people because others weren’t responsible enough to check the nutrition labels. This is ridiculous.

  • Stacey

    Yet another frivilous lawsuit….This what America has become. One lawsuit after another….and people wonder why products are so expensive.

  • Emily

    I don’t see how saying spreading nutella on whole wheat toast as a part of a wholesome breakfast is any more false than saying something like a sugary cereal is part of a wholesome breakfast when paired with milk, juice, and a piece of fruit.

    I certainly purchased nutella in the requisite time frame, but don’t intend on participating.