My Odd Experience At Best Buy

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I just had the strangest experience at Best Buy ( I do not shop there often). I went in knowing exactly what I wanted to buy. A sales person was nice enough to help me find it because it had been taken off the showroom floor ( I confirmed it was in store before I left the house).

I was trying to be up-sold not once, twice… but 3 times!

FINALLY! He took me to checkout – and rung my product up. Mr.Savvy was waiting at another store for me so I was trying to get out of their quickly. I got the pitch about the warranty… Do any of you buy the warranty ?!
I decided against it because the it was well beyond my budget. The sales person’s mood completely changed. He became completely disinterested with me — started checking his phone — talking to other sales people. I know they must get some sort of commission off the warranties but still it was just odd how quickly his personality changed.

What do you think of Best Buy?


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  • Peggy Ferguson

    This happened to me recently. I told the salesman I absolutely did not want to buy it and I absolutely did not have time to listen to the pitch. He told me he was REQUIRED to give the pitch. Very aggravating.

  • Shannon

    They do get commission from warranties…I don’t like best buy. The prices on some of their smaller products are ridiculously marked up..

  • Lisa Pederson

    I love Best Buy! I haven’t had that experience before, and I never buy it. Just some jerk looking to meet his quotas. I would suggest you call the manager and let them know that whatever their policy is, they need to still stress customer service.

  • Tammi

    He won’t last long. I’ve only had one bad experience with some guy. I was looking for the Smallville that had just come out, the last one, and the guy I asked just motioned towards front, said, it would be in the HBO.. I looked, and looked, could not find it. I took a set up there, that had a Tshirt with it, to check to see if that was it. The cashier said, No, but, didn’t get anyone to help. I was aggravated, just left, came back next day. I got a different person to help me, who was very nice. It was the same one, with the tshirt. I told him what happened to me with the first guy, saying it was in HBO, and didn’t help me. He said, Well, it isn’t even a HBO show! I hope that one got in trouble.

  • Meredith Greenwood

    I used to work at Best Buy (for all of three weeks…it wasn’t a good experience). I was trained to keep asking for sales even if the customer has already said no. There’s insane videos and worksheets about “overcoming customer resistance.” As for the protection plans, depending on what you’re buying, it is a lot better than some of the other warranties that other stores offer. Best Buy employees are non-commissioned, but they are rated on how many of the protection plans they sell and can get written up for not having enough.

  • Gayle Martinez

    This doesn’t answer the question what do I think of them, but I found it very funny that on my facebook feed was your post about this. And RIGHT below was a post from Best Buy 🙂

  • Gina Hibbs

    Personally, I love Best Buy. I’ve heard horror stories about them, but I have never had anything but good experiences there. Not long ago, I went in looking for a GPS. I know nothing about them. The salesgirl took the time to explain different features, told me what she had, explained how it was better or worse than the ones they had. When I told her about some of the things I was looking at online when I tried to research them, she actually found the one I was leaning towards at a MUCH cheaper price online and told me how to get that price at the register.

    I’ve had other experiences similar to that there. And I’ve used the Geek Squad service, other than not being helpful in getting information about my repair, I would highly recommend it. My computer never ran better and they did a fantastic job of saving all my information when we were sure it would be lost forever.

  • Alexis

    I LOVE Best Buy. I have never had a negative experience. I would call up the manager of the store Monday morning. I do buy the warranties for large items. Only once have we not used one. It has replaced two televisions and two PS3s. No questions asked.

  • Anne McIntosh

    I generally like Best Buy, but they DO have a lot of Non-Customer savvy clerks. They claim their clerks do not work on any commission, but sometimes it seems that way. I would complain to the store manager. Better luck next time!

  • Dawn Baker

    I buy local, and I hope others do the same, because of the impersonal service, The local man told me that I did not need to buy an EXTRA warranty, if I bought my appliance at his LOCAL store, he would service it for parts and labor with no extra service charge when the original warranty expired.

  • Tanya

    I worked in a Best Buy as a rep for a major electronics company for a couple of years. None of the employees get commission on anything, but there are sometimes little in-store contests among the departments for up-selling the warranty, etc. And they are pressured hugely to sell you all the extras….the extra set up for computers, the extended warranty, etc. Supervisors come around several times a day announcing how everyone is doing on that and there is a lot of pressure. I personally don’t buy any of it, but we are both pretty computer-savvy and have lots of geek friends. If you really know nothing about your item and are going to use it a lot, you might do ok with the warranty. For laptop computers sometimes you come out ok because they will exchange your battery if it won’t hold a charge anymore, and if that happens you’ve gotten your money back, basically. But for the most part, none of that stuff is necessary. The products all have manufacturer warranties that should suffice.
    I think I’d write a polite email to Best Buy explaining what happened. They need to get the message that more people would probably shop there if they didn’t feel they were going to be so pressured.

  • laura

    I used to work for a major electronics company. I went into best buy one time and was checking out what they had from our company. The sales person gave me all the wrong information and even argued with me over the specifics of this one product! i dont shop there!

  • Donna

    I worked at best buy for almost 2 years my brother for over 5 an still there. I loved it. The sales people do not make commission on warranties at all. If they did, I never would have left. I would have been making tons since I sold appliances and several people bought the warranties. I am sorry that you had a bad experience but they do push the sales people to push the warranties. You just got caught by a newbie or a sales person that needs more training.

  • Mary

    I can get just as good stuff at Walmart AND Mrs. Savvy….I get a discount at Walmart since my hubby works there!

  • Kouba65

    The Sales associates do not receive a commission, they do however have sales goals and each one reports on how they are meeting those goals hourly. The reason why those replacement plans and service plans are pushed is because they make the most margin on service, not the product itself. Best Buy is aggressive in that area because they need to continue to be profitable in an economy where places like Computer Depot, Ultimate Electronics, and other CE stores no longer exist.
    I had worked as a supervisor for many years at Best Buy. There are still many things I love about their approach to business. It was completely unprofessional of this person to treat you with disinterest at any time during this transaction. I no longer work there, but I would hope you wouldn’t let one experience change your shopping habits. I encourage you to go online and fill out the survey and be detailed about what turned you off. The managers share those surveys with the associates every morning at chalk talks so that they can learn from their mistakes, and grow as a company.

  • The Hungry Housewives~ Alisa

    I’ve actually done mystery shopping at Best Buy and haven’t had a bad experience. Only issue I have is that they don’t always know what’s on the floor or what’s happening with inventory but most big stores don’t give the employees that info. Personally, I think there are jerks everywhere (which obviously this guy was) and all stores encourage upsales- even fast food. I like Costco, though, since they have their warranty built in already….that’s where we get all our big stuff.

  • heidi morgan

    i would rather shop at Walmart than best buy any day of the week. i can return items, with nothing but an id… no receipt, no re-stocking fee. are you kidding me… i should pay the store to out it back up on the shelf if it’s not working the way i hoped or planned. that, is no in my budget. forget about the harassing sales kiddos there.

  • Michelle

    I HATE going in there. Too much testosterone. Blech. Wires and cords and plugs and buttons…Makes my head hurt. Of course, I’m usually chasing three little girls around while hubby “shops”, but I have noticed that it takes FOREVER to buy something there.

  • Sheree

    My husband was a manager at best buy. There is no commission. But they are trained to offer the protection plan on everything. We get it in all our big stuff. We have used it for our plasma tvs. Twice. But tires guy should not have treated you that way. As well as unless they use their phones for business, they shouldn’t have them on the floor. His name or employee number should be on the receipt. Call and ask to speak to the manger on duty.

  • Anon

    Best buy employees get no commission on anything. If you want to report that he was checking his phone and stuff, fill out the survey at the bottom of your receipt.

  • Dave Elmer

    They are odd in person but if you buy online and pick up instore it gets even more odd. They can’t figure out even the simplest of problems without the customer leading them to it. They just kept telling me to call’s number. I wasn’t allowed to use their cart to go out to my car with the TV, they had to do it. But they weren’t allowed to take their cart past the sidewalk in front of the store either so I had to go get my car…which was 25 feet away. They actually made me move it again because I wasn’t parked on the sidewalk (I was 6 inches off it) and, as they had mentioned before, they can’t leave the sidewalk with their cart.

  • hillary

    my most memorable experience with best buy?? I had a toshiba laptop that I loved – got it on sale, total score. Well we bought the warranty as I was a college student and prone to “WHOOPS” incidents. Well I had a whoops incident when I tripped over the network cable, the laptop didn’t fall, but the cable ripped out of the laptop, doing some internal damage to the network card. Took it to the geek squad, they told me nothing was wrong with the computer so they couldn’t fix it. After pointing out to them that the computer indeed functioned fine, but couldn’t get internet, the guy finally plugged it in and tested my theory, sure enuf, so they took it to the backroom to “fix it” … after being made to wait for a good hour, they came back and said it was unable to be fixed. Even though I had the paper work proving that I had a warranty they said it didn’t cover “accidents” and even if it did, I was outside the 30 days. After 3 hours in the store I had finally had it, I lost it. I said okay to the guy. Calmly took my laptop over to the pick-up center and started yelling at all the folks who were buying laptops that they shouldn’t get the warranty because it won’t help them at all. Finally security came over to help me out of the store – and as I was walking away, the manager of the store finally decided to come over and looked at her like I was going to hit her with my laptop, she tried to say something and finally I was near the exit, she was following yammering on how she could make it better. I threw up my hand middle finger held high and said “F&# YOU BEST BUY”. The next day I took it to another store an hour away. Within 20 minutes of walking into the place they said they could replace it, since they couldn’t do a direct replacement of the model, they could offer me a comparable laptop at a discount – and I got some money back.

    I’ve had problems with their home delivery as well (ya know the delivery of a $1200 flat screen they forgot they scheduled). I’ve gotten to the point that I refuse to use them, even if it means I have to pay more for something. Their customer service is beyond ridiculous – it’s almost insulting.

  • Lindsay

    I also have worked at best buy. They do not get commission on warranties. They just have certain department goals they “should” meet. They will always try to up sell you. The only thing i think the warranty was valuable for is a laptop. So many things go out, and I had one from there and used my warranty 5 times. 1 screen replacement, motherboard replacement, and three hard drive problems. (yes, i kinda had a lemon lol)

  • Jenii

    I’ve never had a good shopping experience at Best Buy. I’ve even walked out without buying the only thing that I went there for because the employees were such big…well, I’m sure I don’t have to say it! 😉 I will buy online, for higher cost if I have to, before I will shop at Best Buy ever again.

  • Melissa

    My husband and I shop at Best Buy frequently and we’ve never had any problems with anyone. In fact it’s my husband’s favorite electronics store. But I suppose there are jerky people that work anywhere so you never know when you might come across one.

  • julie

    I never buy the warranty. The product always has one. Store warranties usually run concurrent with the manufacturer’s and you’ve spent the money for nothing. I do, however, purchase insurance for high ticket items in addition to my renter’s insurance.

  • Katie

    I’m on my phone so it will be short. Icurrently work there and we get no commossion what so ever. In this case this is not an example of a good employee. Yes we do have to pver come objections but we can’t force protection plans. They are really good on things probe to being dropped like phones anf mp3s cuz you gets brand new one. I’m sort that you had a bad experiance but do know like any store we have a generic script. I love you and feel free to email me any questions to atraighren tjis out. Im not going to lie to u and can give it to u straighr since I work cuatomer serive 🙂 I really hopw u get ahold of me


      Since when? I was just there a few weeks ago and the associate rudely told me that they don’t match Amazon.

  • Brenda

    I purchased a car stereo and the install at BB a few years ago. When I got my truck back, the AC no longer worked. I went back instantly and waited as I watched the tech pull the radio out of the dash and move a few wires. There was a poof of smoke as he crossed wires. The local BB initially refused to pay to repair my AC, but I took the issue to the corporate level and eventually got them to pay. I’d refuse to go to BB now, but we have no other electronics stores in town. If Walmart or Sears has the item, I opt for them…..or find it online cheaper. I would NEVER return to BB for a stereo install again though.

  • Amanda

    I am guessing that it is part of their job. Where I work, one of the things that we are REQUIRED to say to every customer is, “did you find everything you were looking for today”. If someone was a secret shopper and we don’t ask this, we get marked for it as a write up. Why his attitude changed who knows, but I am thinking it is something like that as to why they all ask it.

  • Maggy

    I took my SUV to Best Buy to install a key less entry with alarm, the installer took 4 hours and when I picked up the car, he said he had used all of the previous alarm harness and horn. He didn’t have to rewire just install the computer module. He had mentioned that it would only take 1 to 2 hrs if he reused the wiring. So after 2 weeks, my husband forgot we had an alarm and opened the hatchback door with his key and the alarm didn’t go off. The installer didn’t wire the hatchback. He got credit for 4 hours and probably was in the break room. Well today, I had to go back and spend 2 extra hours to have another installer fix it for him. I called the store manager and told him what the original installer had done. Now I am keeping my fingers crossed the alarm will work and keep all of my deals I find on your site safe. LOL

  • Tara

    I hardly shop at Best Buy. We did get tv’s there for a great price around xmas which I did not get warranties for. Recently we bought a couple MAC’s there. I did buy the warranties for the MACs only because most people don’t know how to fix them and they were pretty expensive. The warranty covers I figured even if I get a new battery out of it, it will be worth it. If I drop it or spill something on it I’m good to go.

    I would email someone higher up at Best Buy and let them know how I was treated (or call if you prefer). I try to always email or call if I get awesome service by someone anywhere I go OR if I get horrible service. I think managers need to know what’s going on.

  • Jennifer A

    To buy the warranty or not to buy the warranty… Major purchases in the last few years…. New digital camera for hubby’s Christmas- warranty (He’s dropped or the kids have dropped the last 3 cameras), gas grill- no warranty, Sweeper- no warranty, laptop-yes, printer-no. My rule of thumb is can I afford to replace it quickly if it breaks? If the answer is no then I buy the warranty. The laptop warranty alone has saved me from buying a new laptop 3 times. The extra expense just has to make sense. I’m not going to fork out our hard earned money on an extended warranty on a printer I can replace cheaper than I can buy ink cartridges for the darned thing.

    As for the customer service, it is deplorable. I’d write to their corporate office just for the sake of complaining. I am quite positive they do NOT want this type of representation. When I worked at Best Buy 16 years ago, sometimes we would get a dollar for every warranty or credit card application we took in. We had to have a quota but my customer service was way more important to me than that stinking dollar.

    I personally buy my electronics at Wal-Mart because no one is trying to pressure me into an upsell or something I do not want.

  • Shara

    The Best Buy we shop at uses headsets that look like phones to communicate to other employees and their manager. I thought the guy was being rude and talking on his phone. Turned out they stay in touch that way.

  • Dianne K

    I bought an iTunes gift card online as a birthday present 3 weeks in advance. This was an e-card so it should have been immediate. 6 weeks later after the person never received it…I called and was told they didn’t know what was wrong. After calling numerous times and being transferred 6 times and put on hold..i asked to speak to a supervisor. They told me to call back the next day. I did and I was told that it was being investigated and they didn’t have any other info.

    I called my credit card company and had them refuse payment. Guess what? The card was sent the next day…I had to tell my son in law to refuse it because I cancelled it. I will NEVER deal with them again.

  • Stephanie O

    Best Buy is always on my poo poo list for something. Last time I went to best buy to do a warranty exchange for my iPad (my daughter dropped it on carpet and the screen broke…) , instead of calling to the back and having a sale person walk up a new iPad, they made me do it. Not a huge deal except then I had to find a sale person, then they had to walk me up to the front. Took me 15 minutes. On top of that, the person in customer service didn’t know how to do the exchange.

    I can not stand how all of their sales people are so slow. Half of them do not know their department. Even the super helpful ones can not always get you to the end of one sale.

    The only item i have ever bought a warranty on was my iPad because they break so easily. I have used it twice lol

  • Jessica

    I work in a retail store much like this and the employees are pushed so hard to get their “numbers” up. If they do not get very many warranties sold, well then they get reprimanded for it. Now because I know the ins and outs with returning electronics, I also know how royally you get screwed when you don’t purchase the warranty. In my store.. all our products have a 45 day return policy. Opened gets you an exchange of the exact same thing. Unopened.. well you get your money back. When buying the warranty you are no longer bound by getting the exact same thing, you actually get to change brands or heck you actually get to buy something totally different if you want. Why you ask? Because they send you a gift card with your total (plus tax) to spend in their store. Manufacture warranty’s do not cover accidental damage, they do not cover the cost of shipping the item back to them and they also do not send you a gift card to go do some shopping with. Every time you buy the warranty you actually buy “insurance” on it for longer than what the Manu offers. U lose money if you don’t buy the “ins.” Every time you buy the warranty you are covered if your kid spills milk on it, you are covered if you run over it, you will get your money back if you stick it in the washing machine. Every time you buy the warranty, you don’t have to pay for shipping, they email you a label and you box it and send it on its way and then a week later you get to go shopping. So yes, I always buy the warranty. P.s. I actually got written up for not asking the customer a 2nd time if they would like to buy it. Customer said no once, and firm, I didn’t push. (That’s not great customer service to be overly pushy)
    ~my 2true cents

  • Heather

    We love Best Buy and usually buy everything from there. They’ve matched prices before with competitors and we’ve never had an experience like that. We’ve always had the nicest people help us. Maybe it’s because I’m from a small town, but the sales people there have never tried to push anything on us. Sorry you had such a bad experience.

  • peggy horton

    we took our truck to bb to have a auto start put in they quoted me 150 dollars to install.we get thereat first they couldnt find the appointment,then they couldnt find the product.they said it would take about a hour and a half.the tch came out and said it was gonna be 300 dollars,i threw a fit.was not happy.told them to do it and i would deal with took 5 hours to get it done.and when i called corporate they said it wasnt there problem,i will never go back to bb

  • Paul

    Look at the bottom of your receipt. It will have a link for a survey that you can fill out and it goes direcly to the store. It helps to improve your experience and get those associates out of the store. BTW they get nothing for selling the warranty. They usually get a pat on the back or a good job!

  • Roberta Horn

    I’m not a huge Best Buy fan, but my husband purchased me a camera for Christmas from there years ago. He DID buy the warranty for the camera. It depends on what I am buying and how much it costs on if I buy the warranty or not. I did on my 50″ TV that I bought from Wal-Mart. Thank goodness too! It’s had to have work several times since I bought it! Back to the camera… It went in for service once about a year after he bought it. I used for a long while after that before one of the kids dropped it and knocked the lens out of it. I stuck it in a drawer and forgot about it. I found it months later and threw it away, that very day I got an e-mail from Best Buy saying my warranty was going to expire soon. I completely forgot about the warranty! I dug the camera out of the trash, took it to Best Buy. They looked my receipt up, told me the camera was not repairable and gave me a $100 gift card which I turned around and gave my oldest daughter for Christmas last year! WOW! (For the record, I would NOT have spent $20 on a warranty for a $100 camera, but I am VERY glad hubby did!!!)

  • Janet Schen

    I am not a fan of Best Buy because of a past experience. But I had the same thing happen at Staples, but there were three of them trying to get me to buy the warranty on a laptop at the register. Talk about being pressured. But I held strong and did not buy it.

  • Jessica

    I also forgot to mention in my previous post that I purchased a tablet there and bought the 1 year extended warranty. If I had not done that then the tablet I slapped on my lap after getting aggrivated with Angry Birds, would have had to deal with calling the manufacturer, paying for my tablet to be returned to them, gone without a tablet for several weeks while they try to repair it… Instead I brought it back to BB and they replaced it for me, for free and even gave me the option to buy a better one (which I did).

    • Jessica

      Correction, the manufacturer would not have repaired it, especially considering it was “accidental damage”.

  • J

    I think it completely depends on the store, but the store here in my town is absolutely amazing! They have gone way above and beyond, finding me items I’m looking for since this town is so small and the store rarely has things in stock. The prices on their floor items is always great and I get gift certificates back from having the Reward Zone card. The warranties are amazing (three kids can come up with some creative way to break gadgets and they’ve always covered them all). Of course, I don’t get the warranty on everything I buy, its not always worth it, but on electronics that get lots of use here (ipods, video games) I can almost guarantee I’ll use it. But I’ve been to Best Buys before that I’ve flat walked out of because they wouldn’t leave me alone or couldn’t answer any of my questions, so I guess it just depends.

  • kimberly

    commission or quotas it doesn’t matter.. my daughter worked there for a long time and they threaten their employees if they don’t meet their quotas they are NOT good to their employees at all. For those that were going back to school, they didn’t put them on the schedule AT ALL while they trained new people to come in and work the hours they couldn’t cause they were going BACK TO SCHOOL. As far as customer service, I left a camera for them to send off to get fixed and they tried to charge me when it turned out it NEVER left the building. By the time it did get fixed, they charged me twice as much as was told up front I could of bought a new one.!!
    Yeah, I have been completely burnt by BEST BUY!!

  • Anna

    A good friend of mine works at Best Buy. They are required to give the speech, but get no commission from it. I just text my friend to verify that, and I am correct, no commission. He personally wants to find that employee and club him. The texting and ignoring the customer I get all over the place, especially the grocery store. Sorry you had a bad experience, it happens to all of us.

  • Pam

    I have to say that I love Best Buy. Yes I bought the warranty for my laptop, and it was a good thing that I did. I had bought a lemon, and kept taking it in to get fixed. The third time I took it in, I told them about the lemon law with my warranty and in 1 week, after they checked with the company that had the warranty, Best Buy offered me a brand new computer, any kind that was at the same price of what I paid for for the Lemon Computer. Customer Service has always been spot on. With any place you go, you might encounter someone who is also Lemon. I find that if I complain to Management, that they will bend over backwards to make it right!

  • Jeni

    I had a very bad experience at Best Buy. I emailed corporate about it and they apologized and said they would send me a $15. Gift card to make up for it. I NEVER got the gift card. I refuse to shop there. Everyone I know has had nothing but bad experiences there.

  • Cher

    He is just doing his job. Each be Best Buy store is different.
    I love knowing that they are there for servicing etc. not like once you buy it, it’s done and over with at WalMart, Costco, etc…
    Warranties to me are worth it especially with big ticket items1

  • Ashley

    I have had many horrible experiences with Best Buy. I have had so many in fact that we used to be a silver premier 3 years in a row from spending over x amount of dollars….now I buy all my stuff off amazon. I refuse to go in there unless I absolutely NEED to now. I once asked to speak with the manager on duty and they pulled some teenager kid out of the refrigerator section to speak with me. Every time I do shop there now I get names because ours went from my favorite store in town, to my least favorite. They always have things marked the wrong price and when you get to the register they question your honesty. They have lost my business almost completely. The only time I may decide to go back in there is Black Friday and that is pushing it because last Black Friday we bought a Playstation 3 for a friend and the customer service lady was questioning us on why it is broken then proceeds to throw, yes THROW, the box in the floor like it is trash or something and refuses to give us an exchange on it. We were going to buy another one, but instead got our money back and bought it at another store. Last year just about every single Best Buy trip we made turned into bad experiences, so amazon and other local stores get all of our money now. If Best Buy wants to go out of business, then they sure are doing a great job of trying to achieve that goal!

  • Tori

    My fiance and I had a horrid experience with a member of their management team once, in regards to his laptop, which was still well within the extended warranty and he (the manager who originally was dealing with us) wanted NOTHING to do with even so much as sending it out to be repaired, going so far as to tell Geek Squad not to send it. Once we (*I* had to step in and be “that person” that anyone who works in retail HATES to get anywhere. I’m in management in retail and I would feel bad if the guy hadn’t been such a jerk.) finally convinced the guy to at least send it out for repairs, my fiance found out that it had been recalled and he was never notified. We asked that a note be made in the account about it and to find out how best to proceed. That apparently meant “send it back before it even gets looked at” because that’s exactly what happened. At that point we were told there was absolutely nothing Best Buy would do and we’d have to contact Sony directly. Contacting Sony sent us back to Best Buy where said manager basically told us we were SOL. A quick phone call to the actual STORE manager and corporate rectified the entire situation, resulting in a gift card for the initial price he had paid for the laptop, which was quickly put to good use.

    Best Buy employees are hit and miss – either they want to help you and they’ll go out of their way to try to get you what you want/need or they are complete a-holes and want nothing to do with you. Some people just aren’t cut out for customer service.

  • Darlene Adams

    I’ve had bad experiences also. I will not shop there unless it’s the only place to find a certain item, usually a gift. Here’s the worst that happened to me. I went to seek service on my stereo that just stopped working. I had a warranty still good for about another year. The employee helping me didn’t understand the receipt & warranty they way the item was listed (HTP-Home Theater Package) so she sought help from the manager. The employee returned and then told me she couldn’t help me because I didn’t purchase the item there. I then approached the manager showing here my receipt & warranty, and very loudly in front of other customers she stated that I was trying to commit fraud & didn’t purchase the stereo there! I was dumbfounded!! I went home, dug up the manual (no longer had the boxes it came in from 2 yrs ago), there right on front of the manual is the HTP reference listed on the receipt!!! I carried the stereo & info back to the store. That same manager was no longer available of course. As I’m speaking to another manager at the service desk, a young man from the stereo dept happened to be passing and stated. Yeah, that’s our system. It’s sold as a package. That’s how it’s listed on receipts & warranties. After hours of time & embarrassment my stereo couldn’t be repaired & I was given a full credit. They are very rude & have very poor customer service!!!

  • Kevin Brubaker

    i am also done with this store. First I bought a iMac and was talked into the 490 dollar extended care package. 1 week later tired to download pictures of my camera. first the sd card reader did not work, then plugged in my camera did not work, the tech support said I needed a new 500 dollar camera and it would work,. then off to the store they said it was because i didn’t format my sd card. well they would have to look into it and it will take 3 weeks. the more i thought and stewed i took it back to best buy and drove 45 miles to a apple store, Guess what ca meta works on the new iMac AND THE SD READER WORKS. their cost for extended 169 dollars it is 1 year less but at least the iMac now works.

  • Christine

    Had wonderful experience with Best Buy. My DH does extensive research on everything, quality, perks, and most of all pricing. So when he found what he wanted at Best Buy “while we were on vacation” off we went to Best Buy. The salesmen were very nice and helpful. Even when I transitioned over to the cameras. I was really interested in those that are returns and they resell (had great experiences doing this for many years) Even then, the new set of salesmen were wonderful. Told them I was upgrading for pictures for my blog and they helped and I ended up buying a Nikon and it came with a tripod, bag, and memory card for free! When it came to the warranty for the camera – it would take me out of budget as well. He was very friendly. Not to mention I would have to drive 3 hours to take it to my closest Best Buy. Same wonderful experience for hubby. Really, no warranty for him – guarantee he will be upgrading the tv within 2 years. Sorry for your horrible experience.

  • FatmanOSU

    I worked at Best Buy and that can be the norm sometime. No one makes commission, but the managers get BONUS for how their sales team do. So they come around everyone to tell you how bad your team is doing. The only way to get to full time at Best Buy is to be selling lots of the warranties. Yes, you have to ask every customer about and they want you to push certain types of payments also. Sometimes the people know about the products and sometimes they are just some kid off the street who would work the hours.