How To Save Money At Disneyland and DisneyWorld

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With Summer Here I Thought Y’all Would Enjoy These Budget Posts πŸ™‚

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How To Save Money At Disney World

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  • Amy

    We are planning our first big family vacation to Disneyland with my daughters who are 5 and 8. We are planning our trip in October, since this is ” off season” how far in advance should we book our hotel rooms to get the best price?

  • Holly Manthey

    Amy, if Disneyland is the same as Disney world, you should book as soon as the rooms open up. If there is a better price that comes available, you can call and have them adjust your price. πŸ™‚ Have fun!!!

  • Laura

    Yrs back when we took our boys(college age now) to Disney Word, I got this idea from the travel agent and ran with it…while still at home, go to Walmart or Target etc, buy a shirt with a Disney character on it, we found one with Mickey on it, Then you pack it with you in luggage, they dont need to know it wasnt bought at Mickey Mouse Land….then we took Black permanent markers, and when we saw the characters, they signed the T-shirts…they had a blast with that and to this day they talk about the trip cause Goofy was acting silly while they had my son take off his shirt to have all the characters there at the breakfast to sign it……Im thinking too you could go into the lil knick knack and stationary too and buy things here and then surprise them on their pillow at night in the hotel room…..

  • jean

    As a self-proclaimed seasoned Disney World visitor I love finding new ways to do Disney cheaper. For our trip next month, I got two deals. 1) I was thrilled to learn something new recently: to save 5% on most things Disney: Target Red. I signed up for Target’s free debit card (links into my account) and it gives you 5% off most things – including the Disney Gift Card (and while usually gift cards are not included, it views this as an entertainment card). I just bought a whole bunch to pay for our dining reservations and now will save 5% on our meals. 2) Disney’s Youth Education Series. My kids will be participating in one of the classes that will be offered during our trip, and that entitled us to discounted park tickets. I saved 30% on a 5 day park hopper for 4 of us!