Spring Roll with Peanut Sauce

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Recipe is from a Thai Cooking Class I took 🙂 These colorful rolls make a great meal, starter, or are lovely passed around as an appetizer at a party.  By all means, get all your ingredients ready beforehand but don’t mix and assemble until before you serve for them to be bursting with freshness.  For about 20 rolls, you will need any, some or all of the following (because it is your kitchen, put in what you like!):

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1/2 each red, orange and yellow pepper, sliced into the thinnest strips you can
1 cup grated papaya (if you can find it), otherwise carrots will do just fine
1/2 cup grated raw beet, peeled first (optional)
1/2 cup bean sprouts
3 limes, juiced
2 tbsp fish sauce (available at Thai markets)
A handful chopped mint

Lightly combine all these ingredients in a mixing bowl.  How does it taste?  A little swirl of olive oil for richness? Adjust as necessary.  Keep in mind you can add any other veggies/herbs you like (green onions, cilantro, cucumber, ect.)

Peanut sauce:  In some veggie oil, sauté a knob of sliced ginger and 3 cloves chopped garlic.  Add 1/2 cup peanut butter to the saute pan to help melt, add to food processor, whirl together.  Add a squeeze of lime (or a spoon of chili paste can be welcome addition).  Add a little bit of hot/cold water to thin the sauce.  Taste?  Does it need more lime?  Thai chilies?  Fish sauce?  Brown sugar? Add some coconut milk to make a ginger peanut coconut sauce.  Yum!