Money Saving Tips: 5 Things to Replace That Can SAVE You Money

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Budget Savvy Diva has put together 5 things you can replace that WILL SAVE you some money — and who does not love saving money?!

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Here are some examples of things even extreme savers should replace SOONER than later to save yourself money

1. Car Oil and Filter: Change around every 5,000 miles will more than pay for itself in fewer car repairs.

2. Makeup and Applicators: Check those expiration dates. You can contract a eye infection – this will cost more money then new makeup 🙁

3. Furnace Filters: Filters depending will last one to three months in the heating season — if you wait to long your furnace will run less efficiently and that is more money out of your pocket.

4. Smoke Detector Batteries: Change the batteries twice a year. Exposing your house to the possibility of burning down may be the worst money-saving move ever.

5. Athletic Shoes: Change them every eight months or so — the soles quickly compress and expose you to higher chance of injury as time goes on.