Dannon Activia Yogurt Class Action Lawsuit

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Dannon Activia Yogurt Class Action Lawsuit

 Yet another yogurt brand has been slammed with a class action lawsuit claiming it’s selling a product that can’t legally be called yogurt. It is the third so-called “fake yogurt” class action lawsuit to be filed in four months.

Unlike the first two false advertising class action lawsuits, which target Greek yogurt products manufactured by Cabot/Agri-Mark and General Mills, the latest class action lawsuit targets regular yogurt manufactured by Dannon. According to the lawsuit, Dannon Activia yogurts do not meet FDA-approved standards of identity because they contain an ingredient that is not permitted in yogurt – milk protein concentrate or MPC.

The Dannon Activia false advertising class action lawsuit is seeking damages and restitution for a proposed Class of all U.S. consumers who purchased Activia.

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