Watson’s Favorite Things

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Watson has a BIG Purrsonality ( if you did not already know that ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

He knows what he likes and what he does not like – I mentioned about doing a favorites video and you ( readers) really wanted it! So he and I got together and picked out his favorite treats, toys, clothes, and food and filmed a video for you all

It is really interesting because many of you have not seen Watson ( being Watson) — well here is a 10 minute video of him being himself – a pushy, spoiled, cute ball of fluff.

Enjoy the video — make sure to check out the links below the video to snag the items we talk about in the video. Make sure to follow Watson on Facebook and Twitter


Bonito Flakesย  – Smelly but you can see how much he loves them — they also help with hairballs

Simply Nourish —- I HIGHLY suggest this product — he loves them and they have 85% protein

Smart and Tasty – Dental Treats


Purina ONE Healthy Metabolism – Dry and Wet Food – Find it at Petsmart

Trader Joes Tuna – Find it at your local Trader Joes

Clothes –

I get most of his clothes at Petsmart — He is 15 pounds and a size medium ( sometimes a large if it is a shirt that is a button up like the one in the picture above)

Toys –

Miss Piggy — Though you can buy her at the Disney Store — there is really only one Watson Miss Piggy

Da Bird — Seriously He Favorite Toy

Cat Dancer ย  – It has lasted for a SUPER long time