What to Purchase in July

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Across the United States July can be a miserable month for beating the heat and humidity. While you are challenging yourselves to stay cool consider hitting up your local produce stands in the morning hours to gather fresh fruits and veggies. While you are at the market you’ll also want to purchase in bulk. By doing so you’ll be able to enjoy fresher ingredients in the winter months by making recipes that involve green beans, tomatoes, onions, strawberries, blueberries, etc. and freezer cooking. Majority of fruits and vegetables freeze fabulously for up to 6 months. We love to go strawberry pickin’ and make muffins, strawberry jam and a strawberry glaze for ice cream!

At the beginning of the month you’ll be able to stockpile grocery items that’ll make your Backyard BBQ a success. You’ll see products like condiments and soda to be on a rather large discount.
We will also begin to see a preview on prices that we can expect to pay during the upcoming Holiday Shopping season. In order to maximize your savings and avoid the stresses of the shopping season, you’ll wanna start making your Holiday Shopping List and plan your budget. Expect to see super low prices from retailers offering a “Black Friday” deals for July that’ll hit mid month.

One big way to save is on electronics! You can expect to see unbelievable prices on  tv’s, digital cameras and laptops. Be sure to check out stores like Target, Sams and Best Buy to name a few for those types of deals.
Towards the middle of the month you will begin to see back to school items come on sale! This is the time to watch for FREE items such as book bags, school essentials, tissues and all that comes with getting the kiddos back in the classroom!You can expect pick up FREE items at Staples, Office Max and drug stores so be sure to stay tuned for the site for the deals!

As the end of July comes to a close, you’ll begin seeing summer items on clearance. This is the time to purchase summer clothing. Think about ways that you can use summer clothing for layering in the upcoming cooler months & think next spring/summer. In addition, have some fun picking up bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sunglasses, lawn chairs and products outdoor living (grills, patio sets, etc.). However, for the biggest savings on outdoor living items you will see the biggest price reduction in early fall. So if you REALLY don’t need it, you’ll save more in the coming months.