10 Things Not To Buy on Black Friday

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 10 Things Not To Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday is ALMOST HERE

I am a big fan of Black Friday — and I kinda am a master of it ( I think)

So I thought I would do a video about the 10 Things Not To Buy on Black Friday 🙂


( Enjoy Watson ( My Cat Playing Behind Me…. Like the whole time….) )

If you cannot see the video you can go directly to the video HERE

10 Things NOT To Buy on Black Friday

All the Black Friday News

Black Friday Facebook Page

Black Friday Videos –

One Black Friday Video 🙂

Another Black Friday Video 🙂

Disclaimer – I forgot to add in the video I used my own experiences and my family as well as sites like Deal News and different youtube videos to put together this list 🙂


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    • Watson

      That is a great idea and I AM working on that video 🙂 Also working on where to shop and not shop. I have been around the block A LOT with Black Friday and I am so excited to share everything I know

  • Rachelle

    This was very helpful for me! My mom and I go black friday shopping every year and it has turned into a whole family kind of thing haha. What I would like to know is if you have a video or a list of the right times to buy things, for example you mentioned linens in January, tools around fathers day. I think that would be great if you haven’t already done that and if you have please point me in the right direction 🙂 Thank you!!!

  • Katie

    Can’t wait to see what types of home goods we should buy on Black Friday. Washers/Dryers? My fiance and I need to furnish our apartment and are hoping to get some good deals on BF!

  • Pamela

    This video was helpful. Ive never been black friday shopping (never understood what the hype is all about) but this year I am thinking about trying it out. I agree with the comment above, I would love to see a video on what to buy and who will have the best deals. Thanks for your videos!

  • BJMarley

    Thanks for the research that you do. I also would love to see a list or transcript below the videos. I’m currently having to use the slug, my ancient laptop, while another computer is being repaired. The slug doesn’t stream video very well, and I’m sure your videos are better elsewhere than they are on this computer.

  • Tiffany

    Was wondering about bikes. Was going to order a bike online for my son for Christmas, but now thinking maybe I could get a better quality bike for the same amount of money. Should I buy now, or wait and see?

  • Deana C

    You are such a cutie…love watching your videos. I had to watch it twice because I found myself distracted by Wonder Watson in the background with that purple toy 🙂 Thanks so much!

  • Shelly

    Here’s the list of what NOT to buy she lists in the video: toys, jewelry, tools, winter apparel, office supplies, wrapping paper, cameras (unless they are next year’s models), TV’s (unless they are off-brand names – some may be good deals), linens, and calendars.

  • Andrea

    I was wondering if I’ll find the best deals in stores on Black Friday or online on Friday or if cyber Monday Is the best time to buy online. I love shopping in stores on Black Friday, but I’ll be 9 months pregnant and think I should not get to crazy!

  • Angela

    I’m loving your bangs. Alternatively, can you give us a list of what you think are the best things to look for on black Friday…? 🙂

  • Charlie N

    Wonderful watching you present a video. You are so cute, pretty eyes and a great voice. However, I am 82-years old with a bad memory. Suggest you give us a list of what we should and should not buy on Black Friday that we can print out. You could do this for every other shopping time during the year then edit the lists as needed. People best memorize by hearing and seeing. We could then come back to your webpage to view all your lists and make our shopping plans for the entire year!!